Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Creative Writing--Monday, 2/9/15

Day Twenty-Two--Monday, 2/9/15

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Pick up the new section of the textbook (purple).
  3. Put your phone in the hostage center.
  4. Please put page 29 in the drawer.  Thanks!

Free Write #4
  • Get out your Writing Resistance Topics sheet, please.
  • Let’s write for ten minutes!
  • Date = 2/9/15
  • Started @ 2:00; ending about 2:10

  1. What kind of comments would you like on your fifty-word stories?  I’m going to read those while you work on some assignments to get ready to start revising tomorrow.  Yay, revision!  :-)
  2. How can I add description?
  3. ...missing criteria?
  4. Does someone want to read this?  How can I get them to want to?
  5. Did I have a good beginning, middle and end?
  6. Is it interesting?
  7. Is my title stellar?
Writing Lesson#1:  Line Breaks (Endline and Enjambment)  (pages 40-41)
1.      Read and discuss page 41 with me now, just the bottom part.
3.  Complete the assignment.
Work time = twenty minutes.  

How We’re Going to Use Them:
  • We will talk about these breaks TOMORROW.
  • This will help you in your revision work the rest of the week!
  • You get daily points for doing this.

Writing Lesson #2:  Tips on Titles
  1. Please read the eight tips on page 38 for what can make a good title.
  2. Grab an Earthbook off the front table, and complete page 39.
  3. When you finish, return the Earthbook to the front table, and turnin page 39 to the drawer, please.

Self-Assessment for Death of Language
  1. Open your doc in google.
  2. At the top of your doc, type the following:  “I have completed _____/20 required words and reasons.”  Type the number of completes in this blank, obviously.
  3. Type me several sentences that argue what grade you deserve overall for this assignment:  
    1. 4 = detailed, thoughtful, thorough; used examples to clarify my thinking
    2. 3 = some detail and throught; lacked an example, or lacked a sentence to pull it all together
    3. 2 = I gave a basic reason for each of my words, but my responses lack detail and examples
    4. 1 = I gave a skimpy reason for each word--no detail.
  4. Take a look at the revision history.  Did you work on this after the deadline--1:55 Tuesday, February 3rd--or did you complete all work prior to that time?  Answer in a sentence.
  5. Highlight your BEST answer in yellow.  
  6. Highlight your WEAKEST answer in green.

  • Reminder:  Poetry Vocab Test TOMORROW!  :-)

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