Monday, February 9, 2015

Creative Writing--Friday, 2/6/2015

Day Twenty-One--Friday, 2/6/15

  • Catchphrases and Guesstures for half an hour--at least!  :-)

The Fifty-Word Story--Creating Your Own!                   
1.      Now you’re ready for Part II—where you write your own fifty-word stories.  To be clear, what you are doing today is CREATING your own original fifty-word stories.  This is different from yesterday, when you were analyzing the work of others, and saying what you like and why.  Today is NEW, ORIGINAL, CREATIVE WORK from your brain.
2.     Carefully read and follow the directions on page 28 for Part II.
3.     Read all the models on page 28—begin with the end in mind.  Let’s also pretend we’re the author, and we’ll pretend-fill out the book page, like you’re going to do for your own original memoirs.
4.     Create a fifty-word story of your own.
5.     Use your Vocab Variety sheet and for help.
6.     Use page 29 as your checklist as you’re writing each story, to make sure you get all the requirements in.
7.     At the end of the block, make sure page 29 is filled out completely, and make sure your name is on the top.
8.     Your three stories should be saved in our class folder.

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