Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Advanced CW--Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Day Eighteen--Tuesday, 2/3/15

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, and grab a Folder Checklist off the sign-in table.
  2. Grab your folder off the front table.

  • Paper pass-back and folder log in

Writing Reflection Assignment and Explanation

Writing Buddy Brainstorm Session
  1. Kids wrote same pieces we did.
    1. Autobio Poems
    2. Sense Poems
    3. Name Poem
    4. Six-Word Memoir
    5. Ogden Nash
  2. Children’s Story
  3. Frequency
    1. Two days
    2. Three days
    3. Eating lunch
  4. Ratio
    1. 1 to 3
    2. 1 to 2
    3. 2 to 2
  5. Grade Level
    1. second
    2. third
    3. fourth
  6. Teachers
    1. Murphy
    2. Bombei
    3. Rausch
  7. Draw self-portrait for their autobio poem.

Photo Memoir Revision to Final Draft
  1. Review the performance targets--what you’re trying to hit--on page 52.
  2. Carefully review and consider your partner’s peer conference comments.
  3. Carefully consider what YOU want this piece to be.
  4. Use Vocab Variety (green sheet) and/or thesaurus as you revise.
  5. Revise this to a final draft you’re proud of that meets the target goals on page 52.
  6. Make this change now on page 52 to #6--your final draft should be at least six-hundred words.  Do NOT worry about printing.
  8. Work Time Today =
  9. Work time Wednesday =

Brain Pain
  1. Review Sounds of Silence Answers.
  2. Make sure you have at least ______ recorded, before you put your name on it and put it in the drawer.  Thanks!

Bomb pseudonym ghost lightning
Psycho pterodactyl tomb would
Could should numb pneumatic
crescent xylophone pea
sign lamb Gnat gnarly thyme high Solemn colonel pneumonia opossum Pneumatic psychology dumb Knack knight knife numb
*   *   *   *
New Brain Pain

1:00--Brain Pain:  TWO Difficult Sentences to Write
Write TWO sentences describing a recent visit you paid to the planet Jupiter.
1.      In the first sentence, make every word come later in the alphabetical order than the one before it (A-Z).
a.     A big comet dragged effortlessly.
b.     Aliens brought fish into Jupiter’s orbit.  
c.     Aliens capture dozens of zebras.  
d.     Aliens captured dozens in peril.
e.     Aliens brought Caleb his moon shoes that were yellow zebra-skin.
f.      Bizzle-fractnoid dragged egg-shaped freight-cars, happily ignoring meteors, skipping towards Zenon!  
2.     In the second sentence, make every word come earlier in alphabetical order than the one before it (Z-A).
Zack yelled, “Wall-e, stop ruining Jupiter’s hurricane; it’s getting annoying.”
3.     Minimum of ten words per sentence!
4.     Save them in the folder for our class on google docs as “your last name, difficult sentence”.

Homework for Wednesday
1.      Two Difficult Sentences (about your trip to Jupiter), saved in our class folder on google docs!

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