Thursday, February 19, 2015

Advanced CW--February 19th, 2015

Advanced Creative Writing
Day Twenty-nine--Thursday, February, 19th, 2015  


The following should be saved in our class folders by now, because I’m using them to put you with partners.
  • Four  pages on your story            
  • Highlights of dialogue, thoughtshots, snapshots      

Style Analysis

Short Story Element Lesson:  Style
  1. Spend the entire time before lunch on this analysis.
  2. Open the doc in our class folder entitled “Style Analysis.”
  3. Go to “file,” then “make a copy.”
  4. Make a copy of this doc, but don’t share it with anyone, not even the writer or me—top secret!
  5. Read over the analysis points, and look up words you don’t know to understand your job better.  And your job today is to analyze your partner’s writing style, using as much detail as you are capable of.
  6. The third column on the sheet is for your observations and conclusions about the writer’s style.
  7. Read the first four pages of your partner’s story, and complete the analysis on your google doc.
  8. You should feel and sound like a detective scientist here.  
  9. Again, don’t show this to anyone when you finish!  And don’t discuss your findings with anyone!  …top secret!  

Short Story Element Lesson:  Connotation
  1. Let’s do some review (page 34).
  2. Let’s read two poems about cockroaches—yeah!
  3. Let’s talk about the questions on page 35.

  • Connotations Among Synonyms (page 36) with a partner


  • Add another page to your story by tomorrow (five pages by the start of class).

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