Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Creative Writing--Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


Once You Finish Your First Draft/Two Paragraphs
  1. Follow the directions below exactly.
  2. Type these questions at the bottom of your piece.
    1. What colors can I add?  EXAMPLE OF HOW YOUR ANSWER SHOULD LOOK:  I could add the color lavender when I talk about my mom’s shirt.
    2. What textures did I feel?
    3. What sounds did I hear?
    4. What’s my overall feeling about this memory?
    5. Did I learn something from it?
    6. Do I like remembering it?
  3. Ask yourself these questions, type your answers under each question in a different color of ink.
  4. After you type your six answers, go back to your paragraph(s), and add any details you need to, based on your answers (2nd draft).
  5. When you finish, click on “file” then “see revision history”.  Do you see lots of color from where you made changes?  You should!  If you don’t, keep revising, until you’ve made at least ten changes/improvements.  

Grammar Work
  1. Complete the assignment:  Sentences and Fragments I.
  2. Complete the assignment:  Parallelism I.
Click here:   No Red Ink

You have the rest of the block for independent writing time.  You are going to write a personal essay.  
Read and follow carefully the directions below.

Writing Experiment:  Personal Essay
Comfort or Cynefin

  1. Open a blank google doc.
  2. Copy the directions in red (below), then paste them into the top of your doc.
  3. Read the directions carefully, so you BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.
  4. Read the two choices you have for this assignment (Cynefin or Comfort), then select the one you most want to write about.
  5. Start your essay!  
  6. Finish for homework (due @ tardy bell tomorrow)
  7. I am the only one who will read this!  It will not be shared with anyone else in class, unless you choose to do so.

You must answer "YES" to all the following questions for 100% on this assignment.

1.      The piece is a minimum of 400 words.  My word count is in parentheses beside my name.
2.     I used paragraphs to show my shifting ideas.
3.     I used the correct MLA format for heading.  (If you don’t remember how to do this, open your Childhood Fear poem, and copy that format.)
4.     I doublespaced the whole piece.
5.     I included at least five specific examples to support what I’m saying--these five specific examples are highlighted in yellow.
6.     I used to replace at least five words I ordinarily use with five more powerful, precise words--these words are highlighted in blue.
7.     All above items are complete by classtime tomorrow, at which time I will submit it .  We will talk tomorrow about how to share it and turn it in.

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