Thursday, January 8, 2015

Creative Writing--Thursday, January 8th, 2015 school Tuesday or Wednesday due to weather

Day Two--Welcome to Creative Writing!  :-)

January 8th, 2015

When You Come In

  1. Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.

  2. Find your desk with your  blue name sticky note on it.
  3. Put your phone in the phone hostage station (back circle table by the windows).

Review:  Activities We Did Today (And That We’ll Do All Term)

  1. We wrote a piece. (Free Write #1)
  2. We had a class discussion and listened to each other.  (Writing Resistance Topics)
  3. We read other people’s work (Earthbook).
  4. We began with the end in mind (examples in Earthbook).

Review:  Procedures
  1. Sign in every day when you arrive.
  2. Check the big screen to see what you should have ready when class starts.

Review:  Materials to Bring to Class Every Day
1.     Small three-ring binder for class.
2.     Writing implement and paper
3.     Computer, fully charged

Review:  Trust
  • Why is Trust Important?
  • What Does It Look Like?

Short but Important Rant:  Organizational Reminders
  1. Schoology--this is where you go to make sure you have completed required class work:
  2. Check your grades in schoology every day.  How long does that take?
  3. Check your grades in schoology when you’re absent.  If we do an assignment in class, MOST of the time, I will have that posted in schoology by classtime.  When you were a little kid, a day off school was really a day off.  Now that you’re a junior or senior in high school, a missed day of school is not a freebie.  You’ve got to get in the the habit--if you haven’t already--of finding out what you missed, then making it up.
  4. Check the blog when you’re absent.  Literally EVERYTHING I put up on the screen in class will be there.
  5. Come see me during advisory, if you have a question about something we did in class, or e-mail me.  You know when is NOT a good time to ask me about missed work?  ...during passing period right before your class!  
  6. Never come to class and ask me a question like this, “Did we do anything yesterday?”  ...or, “What did I miss yesterday?”  What I hear is this:  “I know you spend time every day updating your blog so people who miss class can stay caught up; I know you spend time every day updating schoology so that every student has clear guidelines for assignments; I know class is about to start in thirty seconds--but I don’t want to check the blog or schoology, or come in during seminar when I could actually ask a real question about the work I missed. I have ignored everything you’ve said about how to make up my absent work.  I haven’t even attempted to take responsibility for my own learning.  And now I want to make it someone else’s job to take care of me.”

Writing Experiment #1
Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies (poem)

What did you fear when you were young?

Tell me one thing you remember fearing when you were young, and I’ll record them here:

  • dark 3
  • thunder and lightning
  • trains
  • clowns 4
  • snakes
  • werewolves
  • needles
  • heights
  • windows
  • open sea
  • murderers
  • tooth fairy
  • mirrors
  • spiders

1.      Write a poem about one of your childhood fears.
2.     Type a poem that tells a story about a time you were afraid as a child.
3.     Try to get at least twenty lines.
4.    Give it a strong title that adds a dimension to the poem.
Other Details
  • Use MLA format for heading.
  • On the computer, title it “WE#1--Childhood Fear Poem.”

Sharing and Work Time
  • This poem will be read by ONE other person in this room.
  • Work Time = scant 25 minutes
  • Starting @ 2:35; ending about 3:00

I read models in class.  Keep in mind, these are REVISED versions of this assigment, so the rough draft you’re writing today will be, well, rougher than these:

Leah Evans (below)

The Vacuum

I can hear it
The sound that echoes through the house
The sound of impending doom
The cleaner
The vacuum cleaner
It snatches up everything in its path
The pin
The wrapper
The little, red Lego left out of the box
Then I feel it
The rumbling in the floor
It’s getting closer
I can smell it
It smells like burning rubber
Just as I start to let out a blood-curdling scream
My mom is done
Unaware of the trauma induced by her cleaning
She cuts off its power
There is no more noise
No more vibration from the beast
All is silent
But I know it will be back
For its moment
To attack
Next time I will be ready
Ready to defend
My Family

  1. Write a poem about one of your childhood fears, that tells a story about a time you were afraid as a child.
  2. Type at least twenty lines.
  3. Give it a strong title that adds a dimension to the poem.
  4. Type it in google drive.

Reminder:  The only acceptable places to be on your computer today are as follows:
1.      The blog/schoology (for assignment requirements)
2.     The sites/links on the blog
3.—bookmark it now, peeps!
4.     Google drive
5.     iTunes/Pandora/grooveshark
NOTE:  If LAN School tells me you are any place else, you lose half-credit on your daily assignment, which cannot be made up.  Make sure you are on WCSD—STUDENT so your computer is visible to me; otherwise, you lose half-credit as well.

Last Twenty Minutes of Class:  Vocabulary

  1. Join my quizlet class.  The link is on schoology.
  2. Study the set I’ve created for you there:  “Poetry Terms”.
  3. (We will need this vocabulary when we peer conference our Childhood Fear poems.)

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