Thursday, January 8, 2015

Creative Writing--Monday, January 5th, 2015

Day One--Welcome to Creative Writing!  :-)

When You Come In

  1. Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.

  2. Find your desk with your  blue name sticky note on it.
  3. Put your phone in the phone hostage station (back circle table by the windows).
  4. Get out a blank piece of paper.


  1. Sign in every day when you arrive.
  2. Check the big screen to see what you should have ready when class starts.  

Materials to Bring to Class Every Day

  1. Small three-ring binder for class.
  2. Writing implement
  3. Computer, fully charged

Free Write #1

  1. Write for the full ten minutes, without stopping.
  2. Talk about any topic of your choosing.
    1. Now, let’s say you have NO idea what to write about, and your mind is a complete blank—what can you do?
    2. Let’s look Writing Resistance Topics (pink handout)!  Keep this in a pocket in your binder, so it’s easy to find, as needed.
    3. We’re going to whip around the room, and you read one aloud when it’s your turn.
  3. Who will read this Free Write #1?
  4. How will I grade this?
  5. Start Time =    2:25
  6. End Time =      2:35
  7. To Turn It In
    1. “Free Write #1
    2. Date:  1/5/14
    3. Your Name—do you have all three?
  8. Let’s practice turning them in now!


...the cornerstone of this class.

We’re going to create a writing community in this class, and here’s what you have to do to make that happen:

  1. Be trustworthy.
  2. Read people’s work with respect.
  3. Listen to people’s ideas with respect.
  4. Keep what you hear in this class, in this class—don’t betray someone’s trust.
  5. Turn in only work you yourself have created.  
  6. Read people’s work the way you want yours to be read—thoroughly, thoughtfully, and honestly.
  7. Put yourself on a five-second delay.  Instead of blurting something out, wait, count to five, and ask yourself, “Is this respectful?”  If not, don’t say it.
  8. Be respectful.
    1. If you are rude to another person, you’ll be out of class for a day.
    2. If it happens a second time, you will most likely be out of class for good.
    3. Bottom line—if you’re disrespectful to each other, this class doesn’t work.  And this is a required class for graduation—so it has to work.

Reading Assignment:  Earthbook

1.      Read and relax .  (This means you read for enjoyment.)  :-)

2.     If you’re reading a piece, and you stop enjoying it, turn the page!

3.     Did you find a piece you thought was really strong?  Or really funny?  Then record it on your worksheet.

4.     NOTE:  Make sure your reason for selecting it is a well-constructed, detailed, two sentences for each piece you pick.  Use Kaylee’s model.  Yours needs to be at least as detailed as hers.  

Started @ 2:48; ending at 3:08


  • Please go to our schoology page, and click on today’s Grammar assignment.

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