Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Advanced CW--Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Day Fifteen--Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Brain Pain
Missing Halves

Exercise #1:
  • Compose the longest sentence you can using only letters from the first half of the alphabet—that is, the letters “A” through”M”.  


  1. I had a big kid.
  2. I’m a bad kid.
  3. Em had a magical beaded badge.
  4. A llama made magical gel bake a cake
  5. I made a magical bee be a cab caddie; he jiggled and giggled a cake.

What did this exercise force you do to?  How did it force your brain to work?

Big Word for the Week = MEMOIR!
Big Word from Last Week – DICTION!
·       Vocabulary Variety sheet

Peer Conference:  Childhood Memoir

  1. Did the writer use dialogue?  
    1. If so, was it effective and interesting?  
    2. If not, should the writer use dialogue?
  2. What structure did the writer use to organize the
    1. Was this structure effective, or do you think the author should consider organizing it a different way?
  3. Is the description of the people in the memoir vivid and clear?  
    1. Can you see them?  
    2. Give evidence either way.
  4. Is the piece focused on the event, and not on hypothetical or imaginary situations?
  5. How effective is the title?  
    1. Explain why you think it’s strong, or explain why you think it could be stronger.
  6. What was your favorite aspect of the writing?
  7. What is one thing you think the writer should pay more attention to?
While you are working on this, I am going to grade your poetry element spreadsheets.

  • Work time to finish PC = 12:50-1:00
  • I need the rest of the block!  :-)

1:00--Homework Photo and Worksheet Assignment
Homework (page 49) for TOMORROW
  1. Find a photo that is special to you.
  2. Complete the worksheet on page 49 BEFORE you come to class tomorrow.  This is important, because we’re partnering up.
  3. Bring the photo as a physical print or saved on your desktop and the completed page 49 to class with you tomorrow.

Homework Writing Assignment for FRIDAY

  1. Explanation:   Post Secret Post Card assignment on page 43
  2. Slideshow viewing for models
  3. Supplies: TWO 4 x 6 index cards to each person.
  4. TWO Post Secret Post Cards are due FRIDAY, one to share, one to mail anonymously.
  5. Keep your postcards private—we are having a reveal!  Here’s how it will go….

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