Friday, January 9, 2015

Advanced Creative Writing--January 8th, 2015

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
Day Two

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.

Organizational Reminders--Quick Rant
  1. Schoology--this is where you go to make sure you have completed required class work.
  2. Check your grades in schoology every day.  How long does that take?
  3. Check your grades in schoology when you’re absent.  If we do an assignment in class, MOST of the time, I will have that posted in schoology by classtime.  When you were a little kid, a day off school was really a day off.  Now that you’re a junior or senior in high school, a missed day of school is not a freebie.  You’ve got to get in the the habit--if you haven’t already--of finding out what you missed, then making it up.
  4. Check the blog when you’re absent.  Literally EVERYTHING I put up on the screen in class will be there.
  5. Come see me during advisory, if you have a question about something we did in class, or e-mail me.  You know when is NOT a good time to ask me about missed work?  ...during passing period right before your class!  
  6. Never come to class and ask me a question like this, “Did we do anything yesterday?”  ...or, “What did I miss yesterday?”  What I hear is this:  “I know you spend time every day updating your blog so people who miss class can stay caught up; I know you spend time every day updating schoology so that every student has clear guidelines for assignments; I know class is about to start in thirty seconds--but I don’t want to check the blog or schoology, or come in during seminar when I could actually ask a real question about the work I missed. I have ignored everything you’ve said about how to make up my absent work.  I haven’t even attempted to take responsibility for my own learning.  And now I want to make it someone else’s job to take care of me.”

Poetry Element Scavenger Hunt:  “I Had the Weirdest Dream” Poem
  1. Make a copy of “Poetry Terms”.
  2. Open up Yeggy’s and Rausch’s models, and look at what your end product should be.
  3. Go through your poem line by line, and find example of the elements.List them in the appropriate box.
  4. If you don’t have an element, leave the example box blank.
Started 11:57; ending 12:21

Peer Conferencing:  “I Had the Weirdest Dream” Poem
  1. Reminder doc:  Peer Conference—how to be a strong peer conferencer:
  2. When you finish your peer conference, read over the comments you got, then browse our pinterest board.  
  3. NEW ASSIGNMENT:  Comment on at least five pins from others.
Started 12:57; ending 1:12?

Technology and Social Skills Practice
1.      Read your peer conference comments.
2.     Type your PC a note of thanks—three sentences.  Say specifically how he/she helped your thinking about the poem.
3.     CC me on the e-mail as well.
4.     Make a new, professional g-mail for your own use.

NOTE:  We talked quite a bit about how and why to create a professional-sounding e-mail address, as well as what "CC" and "BC" stand for, and how they work.

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