Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, 12/16/14--CPR!

Tuesday, December 16th
Day 38
Six Days Remain!
When You Come In
  1. Please sign in.
  2. Sat where you sat yesterday, lovelies.
  3. Get out your copy of Animal Farm.
  4. If you don’t have a desk, get one from the library, and put it in one of the rows of three, please.  Thanks.
  5. If you missed the quiz yesterday, you can take it later during reading time.

Pair-Share--do the following IN ORDER, please! (Ten minutes)

Allegory Review
  • What is an allegory?  How is this novel an allegory?

Russian Revolution Powerpoint and Note-Taking
  1. When we see connections with Animal Farm, shout them out, and jot them down!
  2. Think about it like an equals sign, since the novel is an extended metaphor.  What we’re looking for is like this:
__________________ = _________________
historical figure/event/setting Animal Farm figure/event/setting

Divide your paper into two columns:
  • Historical Figure/Event/Setting      Animal Farm Connection

11:00/12:30--Reading and Annotation Assignment--due when you come to class tomorrow
Read chapter 6, pages 31-38.
Annotate the following:

  1. How are the commandments changing?
  2. How is propaganda (Squealer) being used?
  3. How is brainwashing being used?  
    1. to make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure.
    2. a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs, originated in totalitarian countries, especially through the use of torture, drugs, or psychological-stress techniques.
    3. any method of controlled systematic indoctrination, especially one based on repetition or confusion
  4. In what ways is history itself being revised, changed, altered?
  5. What are conditions like now, compared to conditions under Jones?

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