Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday, 12/12/14--CREATIVE WRITING

Friday, December 12th
Day 36
(Eight Days Remaining)

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Put your phone in the hostage center.
  3. Grab our manila folder and a blue sheet off the front table.
  4. All grammar work was due by the start of class today.  Do not go back and do it, if you haven’t already, as I will not check it.

Focus for the Last  Days

  1. Showing, Not Just Telling
  2. Revision
  3. Rubric Pieces
  4. Sharing Work
  5. Storybook Final Project

  • Handout:  Do a folder inventory with the handout

Prose Revisions Next Week
  1. Review the prose pieces you’ve written this term:
  2. On schoology, click on the link to complete the survey for which two prose pieces (not poems) you will revise Monday and Tuesday.

Musical Memory
  1. Get your printed copy of this piece from me now.
  2. If you revised this piece AFTER 3:20PM yesterday, you need to run print the updated version.

Musical Memory Peer Conference
  1. Get a yellow handout from me.
  2. Let’s review what you’re going to do for your partner today.
  3. This is a major grade, so take your time, and follow the directions.  You’re not just doing this for a grade--you’re doing it to help your partner make a strong final draft.
  4. Get with the partner I’ve assigned you, and trade papers.
  5. Complete a thoughtful peer conference.
  6. Follow directions #1-4 at the BOTTOM of the yellow sheet, when you finish your conference.

Revision #1:  Musical Memory
  1. Come get the handouts for revising your Musical Memory to a final draft NOW.
  2. Read the orange sheet carefully.
  3. Read the pink rubric carefully.
  4. Follow the directions carefully.

Revision #2:  Autobiographical Poem
  1. Come get a pink rubric from me.
  2. Tell yourself, “This is a test, where I’m showing I know how to use everything I’ve learned in class thus far to revise my poem to a final draft.”
  3. Revise your poem.  (Leave it in the folder.)
  4. Thoughtfully fill out your rubric, and turn it in to the drawer.

  • Put the chairs into seven rows of three, facing the screen, please.

  1. Copy and paste your  BEST Six-Word Memory on the Doc in our class folder, and we’ll read them aloud.
  2. Copy and past your best Ogden Nash poem on to the doc in our class folder, and we’ll read them aloud.

Grab your phone AFTER you complete this, please!

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