Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday, November 12th, CPR

Wednesday, November 12th
Day Seventeen

When You Come In
  1. Please sign in.  
  2. Grab enough green sheets so you have a TOTAL OF FOUR.
  3. Get your desks super-close to the screen--no reclusive hermits hugging the wall or sitting far off from the pack like you have rabies .  Any recluses will be seated IN FRONT--congrats!
  4. Reminder:  if you miss class, you should get green sheet notes from someone, then copy them outside of class.  You may not copy notes during this class period.

NEW IDEA:  Importance of Beasts and Creatures
1.      Represented evil in conflicts between good and bad
2.     Gave mortals the chance to slay them and become heroes
3.     Offered so many answers and explanations for disasters such as shipwrecks and volcanoes
  • What role does YOUR beast or creature play?  Please tell us in your presentation.

Beast/Creature Presentations (...although some are gods/goddesses.)
  1. ...phones off and in your bags.
  2. ONLY listen during presentations.  We take notes together.
  3. Do not interrupt a presentation.  When the person is finished, ask your question then.

Vocab Work
  1. Discuss the remaining vocab words we haven’t talked about yet.
  2. Everybody Up!

Homework:  Study for fifteen to twenty minutes outside of class.

  1. Quizlet Word List #3
  2. Quizlet Greek/Roman names
  3. Complete the Beast Review on schoology.

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