Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday, November 13th, 2014--Creative Writing

Thursday, November 13th, 2014
Day 18

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Put your phone in the hostage center.
  3. Get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet, please.
  4. Mid-term = new seating chart--yay!

Writing Lesson:  Think about a word’s CONNOTATION, as well as its DENOTATION.
1.      So, how is this lesson related to DICTION and related to being PRECISE in your writing?
2.     Get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet, and look at the pairs that are synonyms, but that create different images in your mind.
a.     Dotted and freckled
b.    Oily and buttery
c.     Sweet and sugary
d.    Scented and odorous
Find at least five pair, and label them:  P1-P1, P2-P2, etc.
3.     Think about which one sounds more positive, and which one sounds more negative.  (Not all pairs will work in this way, but we’ll take a look at a few.)
  1. creep and stalk
  2. plummet and plunge
  3. bland and tasteless
  4. gritty and sandy
  5. ivory and pearl
  6. shiny and glossy
  7. shout and yell
  8. shimering and sparkling

4.     Okay, now write down the word “attractive.”
  1. Flawless  
  2. Beautiful 1
  3. Gorgeous 1
  4. Curvy
  5. Stunning 5
  6. Pretty
  7. Sexy
  8. Breathtaking  2
  9. Voluptuous
  10. Hot
  11. Goodlooking
  12. Cute 1
  13. Smokin

  1. Jack  100,000
  2. Dashing  1
  3. Handsome
  4. Dapper
  5. Fine 3
  6. Magnatizing 1
  7. Muscular
  8. Alluring
  9. Sweet
  10. Well dressed
  11. Foxy
  12. Classy  1
  13. Yummy
  14. Gentlemen 1
  15. Scrumptious

a.     Flawless    Gorgeous       Pretty
b.    Handsome           Ravishing                   Hot
c.     Stunning              adorable                    fine
d.    cute           fierce              appealing       striking
e.     pretty       foxy                arousing         sexy
f.      beautiful   smokin’          spectacular

5.     Record as many synonyms as you can for this word.
6.     Now, let me hear the men’s synonyms.  Women, vote for your fave.
7.     Now, let me hear the women’s synonyms.  Men, vote for your fave.

Denotation Definition          = the literal or primary meaning of a word
Connotation Definition        = an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning; the vibe or a word--overtone, undertone, undercurrent, implication, hidden meaning, nuance, hint, echo, association, suggestion, insinuation

Writing Lesson Practice
What Are You Suggesting? (yellow page 26)
1.     You’re going to attack this assignment with a partner I’ve selected for you.
2.     Use your Vocab Variety sheet for help, as needed.

Reminders About Your Work with Your Partner and About Your Responses
·      Be appropriate and kind.
·      We’ll share out with the whole class.
  1. Taken and Kidnapped
  2. speechless and mute
  3. Chunky and Fat
  4. Parent and Dictator
  5. Wet and Moist
  6. Assassin and Killer
  7. Romance and Love
  8. Nymphomaniac and sex addict
  9. Friends with benefits and lover
  10. toot and fart

Page 21
(15 minutes)  Workshop Time:  Death of Language
...due at the end of the block.
Fill out the assessment page from the book before turning it in.

If You Finish Early

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