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Friday, November 14th, 2014--Creative Writing

Friday, November 14th, 2014
Day 19

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Put your phone in the hostage center.

Assignment #1:
  • Take the poetry quiz on paper, then turn it in to Mr. Dunlap.

Assignment #2:  
Peer Conference Russian Tailor

Peer Conference Preparation
  1. Let’s take a gander at the class folder.
  2. Discuss Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry.
  3. Type three questions at the top of your poem you want answered.
  4. Look what happens in “see revision history”.
  5. Discuss how to COMMENT on google drive.
  6. …and now a word about partners—listen carefully.
  7. Let’s look at the  peer conference model together.  What  does a good peer conferencer do?
    1. constructive criticism
    2. corrected word usage
    3. suggestions for improvement
    4. specific replacements
Peer Conferencing
  1. Read your partner’s three questions, so you know what they most want you to comment on.
  2. Using the COMMENT function, make at least TEN comments on each other’s poems in the margins.
  3. When you think you’re done, count your comments in the right margin, to make sure you have ten.
  4. Finally, answer each of the questions your partner typed.  Type your answer underneath each question in a different color of ink.

Assignment #3:
Revision:  Russian Tailor Poem
  1. Open your poem on google drive, and read it!
  2. Carefully review the comments you got from your reader!  
  3. Think about each of the comments and suggestions he/she made..
  4. REVISE this poem to make it as strong as it can be.  You have to make at least fifteen changes today (not including cosmetic edits, which also must be done)..  Check yourself by going to “File”, then “See Revision History”.
Remember, I will see your changes when I click on “File” and then “See Revision History”.

For an “A”, make at least fifteen revisions to your poem to make it stronger.  Here’s what you can do to revise:
1.      Create a strong title.
2.     Use strong diction—get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet!
3.     Add details to create more imagery in your poem.
4.     Delete unneeded words.
5.     Switch words and lines around to help the poem flow.
6.     Make all your line breaks strong.

Editing Note:  editing corrections need to be made, but they do not “count” as revisions.  But your final draft should be grammatically perfect, error-free.

Revising Note:  Click on “FILE”, then “SEE REVISION HISTORY”.  Count how many revisions you made—do you have at least fifteen?

Assignment #4:  
  • Revise either your Childhood Fear Poem or your Earliest Memory Poem--directions are on schoology.

Assignment #____:  Vocabulary Work
  1. Then move on to the new word list I made for you, ACT Prep Word List #1:

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