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Thursday, November 13th, 2014--CPR

Thursday, November 13th
Day Eighteen

When You Come In
  1. Please sign in.  
  2. (If you didn’t do this yesterday….)  Staple your notes, with the hole-punches lined up and every page facing the same way, and turn them in on my table in the correct pile, please.
  3. Is your name at the top of the first page in big letters?
  4. I need someone to run the computer at the podium today for the first twenty minutes.   Let me know if you’re the person for the job!

Something Super-Helpful to Help You Learn the Roman Names--I’m fairly certain this is used at major universities all over the country, so, you’re welcome!

Watch this short cartoon, and write down ten things you didn’t know about mythology already.  Yell out if you need me to pause it.
What did you come up with?

Okay, how about this one?

Archetype Work
  1. Take a look on the screen, and I’m going to show you how to add two columns to your page.
  2. Which column is the archetype column?
  3. Archetype = the prototype; the original example; the model
  4. You work on it on your own for fifteen minutes, filling in as many blanks as you can, based on your own giant brain, and based on your green sheet notes.
    • 12:17-12:32
  5. I’ll put you with a partner at the end of that time.
    • Get out your beige literary archetype packet.  It has more detail (which you will need).
    • Share your answers with each other.
    • Discuss and poach answers.
    • Beef up your responses--for settings and plot you might need a whole sentence, instead of just a word.  For characters, one name may suffice.

Partner Work Time = 12:36-12:51
Important:  When we finish working on this today, hand me back your green note packet!  I’ve got to get ready for the art show!

On MONDAY, after the vocab quiz and the Greek/Roman name quiz, we will have the Art Show!  :-)
  1. Compare/Contrast with Art Award for Each Category
  2. Guess what/who this is?!

Last Ten Minutes:  Organization
  • Let’s go over the plan for tomorrow, since I won’t be here.  Let’s get ready, so that all the sub has to do is press “play” tomorrow.

Homework:  Study for fifteen to twenty minutes outside of class.

  1. Quizlet Word List #3
  2. Quizlet Greek/Roman names

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