Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday, November 6th, CPR

Thursday, November 6th
Day Thirteen

When You Come In
  1. Please sign in.  
  2. Please pick up a purple Greek/Roman sheet.
  3. Please get two more green sheets off the front table.
  4. Put your chairs in audience mode, like they were yesterday.  Please lift, not drag!  :-)
  5. Get out your green sheets from yesterday!
  6. Get into presentation and/or listening mode!
  7. Turn off your phones, and stow them away in your bag--don’t have on your desk or on your bod.

Big Idea
  • Start listening for resonances and echoes.
  • Start look for patterns--try to connect the dots!
  • What have you heard and seen  so far?
    • trickery
    • overthrowing your father
    • strange offspring
    • beasts
    • rape
    • jealousy
    • war
    • meanness to children
    • curses/fate?
    • incest
    • extreme punishments
    • heroic acts
    • vengeance/revenge
    • people gettting buried/crushed by natural features (mountains)
    • family relationships

Barbie Presentation Prep (Five Minutes)
  1. Remember, one strategy to understand and remember is REVIEW your notes.  Review your notes.  Do we have any resonances/echoes/patterns to add to our list?
    1. What is the most surprising thing you learned yesterday?
    2. Did you have any a-ha moments?
  2. Turn off your phone, and stow it away.  You are to show the presenter your best audience behavior.  Checking your phone during their presentation, etc,  is not best audience behavior.
  3. Review procedures from yesterday:
    1. Present a one-minute story about your Barbie.
    2. Present your Barbie.
    3. Help guide us through notes.
    4. Put the mic on the next person.
    5. Bring me your “done” Barbie.

  • REMINDER:  Myth Beast Slideshows were due today, so make sure yours is in the correct google folder I showed you yesterday.  Thanks!

  1. Study your vocab words for ten to twenty minutes tonight, depending your need.  The vocab quiz is tomorrow.

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