Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday, November November 7th, 2014--CPR

Friday November 7th
Day Fourteen

When You Come In
  1. Please sign in.  
  2. Please put your one page of beast notes in the drawer, after you put your name on them.

  • Take the quiz, then drop it in the drawer, please.

Greek Myth Review
  1. Study, play games, or quiz yourself until you feel you know most of the information.
  2. Move on to Barbie Review #2, and do the same:
  3. When I call time, I’ll show you how to set up the quizlet test, and I’ll have you test yourself over the material.
  4. Why are we doing this?
  5. I want you to REVIEW--a vital college skill.
  6. I want to see how much you have learned from the presentations thus far.

  • Go over the new set of vocabulary words. (handout)

Shmoop Story Reading

  1. Let me explain the homework for Monday.
  2. Explore the story choices, and sign up for the story you want to research.

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