Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday, November 17th, 2014--CPR

Monday, November 17th, 2014
Day Twenty

When You Come In
  1. Please sign in.
  2. Please pick up an “It’s Greek to Me” chapter.
  3. Go to schoology, and read the directions for the “It’s Greek to Me” assignment, listed under Wednesday.

  • Take the two vocab quizzes, then put them in the correct folders on my table, please.

Reading and Annotating:  Professor Foster:  “It’s Greek to Me” (Thirty Minutes)
  • Start reading and annotating “It’s Greek to Me.”  I’ll be straight with you--this is one of the most difficult pieces you’ll read, because of all the references/allusions--all the look-ups and annotations you’ll have to do.

  1. Draw a line where you’re ending today, and write “ended, 11/17.”
  2. On the back of the packet, date it 11/17, and write down one well-written sentence that is your take-away from today’s half-hour of reading.
  3. Find five other people to read your take-away sentence, and have each one initial it.
  4. Initial your partner’s as well after you read it.
  5. What was the same about your take-aways?
  6. What was different?

Viewing:  Finish The History Channel’s Gods and Goddesses (Twenty Minutes)
  • :-) = solid organization and breadth; a structure is clearly visible in your notes, and it looks like you  recorded most of the information from the dvd
  • ? = Your structure isn’t clearly  and consistently visible; you don’t have complete information from the video

Directions for Today’s Note-Taking
  1. Draw a line under your notes from Friday.
  2. What are two things you want to (A) continue to do well from Friday, or (B) improve on from Friday?


  1. Follow the directions on schoology for the Myth Review over Viewing, I.

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