Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


Day 35--Tuesday, October 7th

  • Get out your two vocab lists.  You should be on the lookout for CONNECTIONS as you are talking and reading today.
  • Be on the lookout for them today.  HIGHLIGHT them when you see them, and write the definitions out to the side as part of your annotating, please.

Background Information


9:00--Quiz:  Chapters 1-2
  1. Take the quiz, then turn it in to the drawer.
  2. Start reading and annotating chapters 3, 4, and 5 of Animal Farm.
  3. When you read and annotate today, strive to reach for other texts and visuals.  Try to weave that spiderweb of connections.  Connect the dots!  Look for and find patterns, like Professor Foster says.

Annotation Reminder

  • The annotation of this novella will be a major daily and homework grade.  

9:10--Animal Farm Reading Assignment

  1. Read chapters three, four and five, pages 14-31.
  2. Annotate carefully:
    1. make inferences
    2. ask questions
    3. make predictions
    4. make connections
  3. Add to and refine your list of characters in your notes to keep them straight; list characteristics each time the animal is mentioned.
  4. We will have a reading quiz tomorrow over chapters three, four, and five, pages 14-31.


3rd = on schoolocy

4th is below!

Day 35--Tuesday, October 7th
4th Block
  1. Today is a day we need to do several different things--lots of transition.
  2. Here’s what you need to work on--staying focused and quiet during transitions, so the class doesn’t devolve into chaos.  
  3. I’m giving you a daily grade today for this.  Quickly, what are non-academic, disruptive behaviors that will disrupt or slow down class today and earn you a zero?
    1. rude comments
    2. talking to your neighbors at all
    3. shouting things out
    4. walking around
  4. Jameson, please keep track on my roster sheet.

Strategy Review
  1. I’m passing back the two inferencing pages you did yesterday.  Why?  Because as I glanced through them, it was obvious we need to discuss them in a bit more detail.  So rather than grade them as they are now, we’re going to discuss them, you’re  going to make corrections IN A DIFFERENT COLOR OF INK (part of the grade), then you’ll hand them back in for grading.
  2. Inference Practice #1
  3. Making an Inference from a Photo

  1. Finish checking, grading, then turning in “An Ancient Disaster.”  There were a few we needed to discuss and debate further.
    1. Name
    2. Date
    3. Score
  2. Pass back “Hard Hit” annotations.  NOTE:  Overall, you guys did a superb job on this assignment!  Take a moment, and look at the thoughtful annotations you made in the margins.  Wow….
  3. Pass back other papers one by one, and review my comments (if applicable).  We have nine days left, including today.  What do you want to improve over the next nine days?  What do you want to make sure you continue doing, or maintain?
  4. Organize them in the correct sections of your binder, in date order.
  5. Do we have any new six-way paragraphs to chart?  Let’s do that now!
8/20 51 Story of a Hamburger
8/22 2 Crack Shot
8/26 9 Count Dracula
8/28 67 A Dinosaur Named Sue
9/3 22 Rats!
9/5 12 Early Doctoring Practices
9/12 11 Gruesome Plants
10/7 16 An Ancient Disaster

On the Back of Your Yellow Six-Way Paragraph

  1. Am I getting stronger, brain-wise, at attacking these six-way paragraphs?  Explain.
  2. When will I ever use the strategies I’m using on the six-way paragraphs?  Give at least three examples.
  3. What is one thing that would help you learn more or get more out of these?  (We will only do two more in the next eight days.)

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