Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 (ED Schedule)


Day 36--Wednesday, October 8th
  • 1:10 dismissal schedule; class end at 9:15

Soviet Union Background
  1. Check Soviet Union quiz in a DIFFERENT color of ink than you used originally.  
  2. Check if you get it correct, “X” and write in the correct answer, if needed.
  3. Write “-” and the number you missed, then put X/8 for your total score.
  4. Class Discussion:  are you seeing any parallels, resonances, echoes between the Soviet Union events and people, and the events in Animal Farm?  Since this novella is an allegory, we need to start listening for that second level, the level underneath the literal level.
  5. Throw the quiz in the drawer.

  • Pass back a few papers, and organize your binder now.


Class Discussion
Background Information Review
  1. allegory
  2. fable
  3. moral of the story/lesson

Historical Approach:  Powerpoint and Notes
  1. Russian Revolution--we got to slide 9.  I will talk about slides 10-18 tomorrow.


  • Study the TWO vocab lists on quizlet.
  • Respond to the the Revolution  assignment on schoology by 8:05 tomorrow.


Day 36--Wednesday, October 8th
1:10 Dismissal Schedule
3rd:  Plan is on schoology.

4th Block
Block 4    10:25 – 11:25

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Grab a six-way paragraph and a bookmark journal off the front table.
  3. Grab your pink sheet and your free reading book, please.

Six-Way Paragraph
  • Use your reading strategies (read the questions, annotate the text, and consider the title), and complete  Six-Way Paragraph, "61, Blowing their Tops."  
  • Keep it at your desk.  We will check it the last few minutes of the block.

Read and Relax

  1. Complete bookmark journal #5 today, as you read.
  2. Class ends at 11:25, so I will stop you at 11:15, so we can check the six-way paragraph, then hand it in.

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