Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday, September 11th, 2014


Day Seventeen
Happy Thursday!
September 11th, 2014

When You Come In
  1. Please sign in.   
  2. Get out your yellow sheets for the Nike and Pan presentations, please.
  3. Give your extra yellow sheets (blank) back, please!

  • Check schoology and the blog every day for due dates, etc.

  1. Bring personal snacks tomorrow, if you want something to munch on while we watch a History Channel DVD on Greek, Mythology.
  2. Study the Greek god names and their Roman names (QUIZ FRIDAY), so you recognize them when you see them--
  3. Study how Greek myth and language affected our own:

Myth Beast/Creatures Presented Monday
  1. Cerberus
    1. three-headed dog
    2. owned by Hades
    3. protects/guards underworld
    4. Typhon is the dad
    5. Hercules captured him as is twelfth labor
  2. Typhon
    1. has a hundred and one heads
    2. a hundred snakes
    3. causes giant storms and volcanos
    4. most powerful--challenged Zeus
    5. Gaia is his mom (earth)
  3. Harpies
    1. woman/vulture combo
    2. smell BAD!
    3. Zeus’s minions
    4. devils of destruction and death
  4. Sphynx
    1. lion, lady, serpent tail, eagle wings
    2. terrorizes town of Thebes
    3. told riddle then tore people apart when they didn’t answer correctly
    4. vanquished by Oedipus

Presented TUESDAY--what do we remember?!
  1. Hydra
    1. cut of one head, two would replace
    2. killed by Hercules
    3. oozed venom
  2. Python
    1. giant snake
    2. guarded famous oracle
    3. killed by Apollo--not Python’s oracle is Apollo’s--Oracle at Delphi
  3. Gigantes
    1. born from Uranus’s blood
    2. giant
    3. buried under Mt. Etna
  4. Cyclopes
    1. one-eyed
    2. blacksmiths
    3. immune to fire
    4. worked with Hephaestus
  5. Sirens
    1. sang beautiful songs to lure sailors
    2. Starbuck’s logo = irresistible
    3. cursed by Demeter
    4. caused shipwrecks
  6. Medusa
    1. cursed by Athena
    2. snakes for hair
    3. turned to stone if you looked at her
    4. Pegasus born from her severed neck
    5. killed by Perseus
  7. Centaur
    1. half-man/half-horse
    2. drunken and lustful sometimes
    3. fierce warriors
  8. Satyr
    1. half-man/half-goat
    2. party animals!
    3. expert musicians
  9. Minotaur
    1. half-man/half-bull
    2. kept in a labyrinth/maze
    3. killed everyone who enters maze
    4. killed by Theseus

PRESENTATIONS YESTERDAY--what do we remember?
  1. Amazons
    1. smart, fierce warriors
    2. cut off a breast to help them shoot arrows better
    3. inspiration for Wonder Woman
    4. fought in Trojan War
  2. Pegasus
    1. everyone loved him.
    2. winged horse
    3. stomped foot = fountain of inspiration for muses
    4. Zeus made him a constellation
  3. Prophets and Oracles
    1. famous = Oracle at Delphi
    2. prophecies were often ambiguous
  4. Asclepius
    1. god of medicine and healing
    2. son of Apollo
    3. killed by Zeus and Hades = turf war
  5. Eros/Cupid
    1. god of love and sexual desire
    2. Aphrodite’s son
    3. symbol of Valentine’s Day

Last Two Presentations
  1. Nike
  2. Pan

Reading and Annotation Assignment

  1. Carefully read and annotate ONE MORE PAGE from the Foster article; due at 8:05 tomorrow.
  2. Study the Greek god names and their Roman names (QUIZ FRIDAY), so you recognize them when you see them--
Study how Greek myth and language affected our own:

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