Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, September 22nd, 2014


Day 24--Happy Monday, September 22nd, 2014!

Following Directions Grade Today--Yay!
Materials are on My Table by Windows.
1) Write your first name and last initial on the little card.
2) By 8:10, place your phone in the phone hostage center as follows:
  1. name card facing out
  2. phone BEHIND name card
  3. one phone per pocket
3) Clear your desk.
4) Get out one sheet of notebook paper, as well as a writing implement, and stand by….

We watched 1:03 of Disney’s Hercules.

9:30--I’ll explain tonight’s homework (schoology).


  • It’s on schoology!

Comp Strats

Day 24
Monday, September 22nd, 2014

When You Come In
  1. Sign in.
  2. Grab  a Bookmark Journal #3.
  3. Grab your book and pink sheet.
  4. We are reading first today.

Read and Relax (Thirty Minutes  2:05-2:35)
  1. music today--please put your phones and headphones away.
  2. Complete Bookmark Journal #3 DURING Read and Relax.
  3. Turn it into the drawer at the end of read and relax, please.
  4. Started at 11:45; ending at 12:10-ish

4th Block:  Vocabulary Card Connections
1.      Spread your cards out on your desk, word side up.
2.     Look for CONNECTIONS between words.  (If you can see connections between words, that means you’re really learning them and understanding their meanings.)
3.     Make piles of your connections.
4.     We will share our connection sentences aloud on the BIG SCREEN.  If one of the sentences sparks a connection in your mind, write it down.

1.           I CHASTISED the NOVICE pizza maker when he mistakenly put anchovies all over my cheese-only pizza.
2. After Wanda ENCROACHED on me while I was eating, I CHASTISED her severely.  But she apologized, and she gave me a cookie, so I was PACIFIED.
3. I LAMENTED the day I found out my LINEAGE included a serial killer.
4. Mr. Zieglowsky may seem FORMIDABLE to some people, but he isn’t BELLICOSE.  He’d rather PACIFY someone than argue.
5. After her IMPUDENT behavior, I had to CHASTISE her so she would realize she shouldn’t make fun of other people.
6. The fact that I had to drive a CIRCUITOUS route to work every day was the CATALYST for me buying a new car.

Vocab Daily Work  (This should look like the sentence models I showed you.)
1.      Head your paper “VOCABULARY CONNECTIONS, 9/22), and put your name on it!
2.     Grading:  I will be looking for FIVE well-written connection sentences in your notes for a daily grade.
3.     Put your Vocabulary Connections in the drawer when you’re done
4.     Study on quizlet  for the mid-term vocab test tomorrow, until I stop you.

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