Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, September 19th, 2014


Day 23
Friday, 9/19

Put your phone in the phone hostage station, please.

Greek Myth Final Exam
  1. On paper--turn it in to the drawer when you finish, then move on to the essay questions on schoology.
  2. Essay Questions on Schoology
  3. Note, after you finish the final, please start working on the Mid-Term Reflection assignment on schoology.


  • something (such as an important idea or subject) that is repeated throughout a book, story, etc.

  • a single or repeated design or pattern

End of Block
Hand in on the front table by Gerrit in TWO piles, pretty please:
  • Professor Foster Chapter:  “It’s Greek to Me”
  • Turn in DVD notes for a daily grade.

Homework (or start in class, if you finish your two essays)

  • Mid-Term Reflection

Comp Strats

Day 23
Friday, September 19th, 2014

4th Block
  1. When you come in, fill out your orange sheet, including the total number of cards you have, paperclip it to your vocab cards, then put them in the drawer.  
  2. This must be completed by 2:00.
  3. Turn in any yellow sheets you have for teachers using words--also by 2:00, please.

(1) Read and Relax (twenty-five minutes)
  • We are doing this FIRST today.
  • I’ll check your cards during Read and Relax.  
  • We’ll do book chats MONDAY.

(2) People who had 22 cards completed chilled in the library.
People who did not have 22 cards continued to work on them.
Once have the class had 22 cards, we played Slap it!

(3)Slap It!
Procedural Stuff:
  • Hayley and I showed how to play.
  • Put two desks together, facing each other.
  • Spread out ONE set of cards between you, eleven cards on your desk, eleven on your partner’s.
  • Put your hands on your shoulders to start.
  • When the teacher calls the definition/antonym/example--whatever--you slap the card with the correct vocab card.
  • Play until all words are called.
  • The winner is the person who collected the most cards.

Round Order
Slap It!  (Round 1)
Slap It!  with a winner/loser           (Round 2)
Slap It!  with a winner/loser           (Round 3)

3rd Block (independent Work Plan)

  1. Go to schoology, and click on the assignment called “In-Class Grammar Assignment #1.?
  2. Follow the directions.
  3. Work quietly and independently.

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