Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Day 22
Thursday, 9/18

When You Come In
  • Please organize your papers in the correct section of your binder.  Thanks!
  • Sign in.

Art show!
Archetype Assignment
Started at 8:28; ending about 8:52

  • In your groups, spy on other groups docs.  Steal good archetype examples they have.
  • Write down (type) the ones that make you you go, “A-ha!”  
  • Write down the ones that make you think, “Yes--we should have gotten that one.”
  • Do NOT write down an example you do not understand!  That will be zero help to you!

Final Exam Review
  1. History Channel dvd, “Gods and Goddesses”  
  2. Yellow notes you took during presentations
  3. Greek Myth allusions (quizlet)
  4. Big quizlet review (Greek/Roman names included)
  5. Motifs sheet from your group, or any other
  6. Short Essay:  one motif with examples
  7. Short Essay:  Foster quote, “It’s Greek to Me.”

Quizlet Homework


Day 22
Thursday, September 18th, 2014

When You Come In
  • Sign in, please.
  • Grab the orange vocab sheet by the clipboard.
  • Grab your pink sheet and your free reading book.

New Vocab
  • We’re working on our last four words of the set today:  austere, transitory, prolific, tenacious.

Vocab Review
  1. Get out your orange vocab grid pages.
  2. We are going to add the remaining words, so you have all 22 listed here.

Finish cards for homework, if needed.   They are due when the bell rings tomorrow.

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