Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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WEDNESDAY, September 17th, 2014
Day 21

  1. We will take the quizlet quiz over Greek myth and how it influences our language.
  2. Play the new quizlet (final exam review) after you turn in your quiz.  

Art Show
  • :-)

College-Prep Skill:  Note-Taking
1.      Review Monday’s (9/15) sentence you wrote about note-taking—did it help with your notes from Monday?
2.     What are the big ideas we noted in Monday’s viewing (from your notes)?
3.     Write me a sentence about what you’re going to do when you take notes today.  (It can be a combination of Friday’s and Monday’s plans.)
4.     Date your notes = 9/17!

DVD starting at 1:12 today--about half an hour remaining.


  • something (such as an important idea or subject) that is repeated throughout a book, story, etc.

  • a single or repeated design or pattern

Motifs Assignment


  • Study quizlet, “Greek Myth Final Exam Material.”


Day 21
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

When You Come In
  • Sign in, please.
  • Grab your pink sheet and your free reading book.
  • Fill out your yellow Vocab Connoisseur papers, and give those to me know.
  • Organize your folder with the papers you are getting back today.
    • Put them in the right sections.
    • Put them in date order--oldest in front of section, newest in back.
  1. Get out a sheet of notebook paper.
  2. Put your name and the date at the top, and title it “Original Vocab Sentences.”
  3. Open your binder to your orange vocab section, so you can use your notes.
  4. Write a sentence of at least ten words using one of the following vocab words correctly:
    1. to lament
    2. formidable
    3. catalyst
    4. to pacify
    5. bellicose
    6. inconsequential
  5. Repeat, until you use each of the six words = six sentences total.
  6. When you finish, turn in your sentences to the drawer,  and play quizlet until I stop you.
  7. Do “speller” if spelling is an issue for you, since spelling WILL count on Friday’s test.

Reading Strategy

  1. Reading Actively--this is our mid-term performance test.
  2. Words we don’t know--box them, then write the red definitions on your text (annotating):
    1. Labyrinth maze
    2. Porcelain white marble-like stone
    3. somber serious; austere; stern
    4. ceased stopped
  3. When you finish, please turn it in to the drawer.
  4. Remain silent, since other people will be taking the test still.
  5. Fill out your pink sheet, and start reading your free reading book.
  6. You have the rest of the block, if needed, to do your best work, and to finish the test.  Take your time.

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