Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Day Thirteen
Happy Friday
September 5th, 2014

When You Come In
  • Please sign in.   
  • There is a shmoop reading assignment on schoology.  If you would like to pick your story before 8:10, you can do so AFTER you look over the choices on shmoop--details are on schoology.

Big Idea
  • Listen and look now for resonances, echoes, patterns.
    • parents being afraid of being overthrown by children
    • horrific deaths or punishments/tortures
    • incest
    • castration
  • What have you heard so far?

Barbie Presentations
1.      Today, people told a brief story (one minute) about his/her god/goddess, then presented the myth Barbie.
2.     We listened the first time through the presentation, then took notes as we went back through the key points.
3.     The following gods/goddess were presented--and what do we remember about them from yesterday?  You guys tell me, and I’ll take notes..
  1. Gaea        
    1. mother earth
    2. grandma to Zeus
    3. married to Uranus             
  2. Uranus               
    1. made Cyclopes from his castration blood
    2. castrated by Cronus with a sickle!
    3. sky   
  3. Rhea     
    1. queet of the Titans
    2. saves Zeus from eating
    3. daughter of Gaea and Uranus
    4. married to Cronus                
  4. Cronus       
    1. castrates his dad (Uranus)
    2. overthrown by Zeus
    3. eats all his babies, except Zeus
    4. father of Olympians
    5. Titan
    6. pukes up five of Zeus’s siblings
  5. Atlas
    1. holds up earth because he sided with Titans against Zeus
    2. super-strong
    3. Titan
  6. Prometheus--started here THURSDAY
    1. helped Zeus and the Olympians
    2. helped humans by (1) creating the first man and (2) giving them fire
    3. punished by Zeus by being tied to a mountain and having his liver pecked out e’ryday
  7. Zeus
    1. king of Olympians
    2. married to Hera
    3. overthrow the Titans
    4. promiscuous
    5. god of weather
    6. lighting bolt
  8. Hera
    1. jealous all the time
    2. goddess of marriage and childbirth
    3. vengeful
  9. Poseidon
    1. god of the sea
    2. trident
    3. Amphitrite
    4. brother to Zeus and Hades
    5. created horses
    6. flooded cities and shipwrecked sailors
    7. has a Cylclopes kid
  10. Hades
    1. god of underworld
    2. pet Cerebrus
    3. helmet of invisibility
    4. brother to Zeus and Poseidon
    5. hates Zeus
    6. rich in minerals and metals
    7. helped Zeus kill Asclepius (story to follow from Malary)
  11. Athena
    1. goddess of wisdom
    2. gave the olive tree to Athens
    3. symbol is the owl
    4. patron goddess of Athens
    5. virgin goddess
    6. made Medusa ugly
    7. had Trojan horse idea--brilliant!  (and devastating to Troy)
    8. sprang out of Zeus’s forehead, fully formed
  12. Aphrodite
  13. Hephaestus
  14. Ares
  15. Artemis
    1. goddess of the hunt
    2. protector of young
    3. expert archer
    4. has her own cult of hunters
    5. deer are sacred to her
    6. virgin goddess
    7. Orion wanted to get with her--eh, he got killed and turned into a constellation (Orion’s Belt)
  16. Apollo
  17. Hermes
  18. Dionysus
  19. Demeter
  20. Persephone

  1. Shmoop Reading Assignment
  2. Study Vocab List #3 on quizlet (QUIZ TUESDAY)--
  3. Study the Greek god names and their Roman names (QUIZ THURSDAY), so you recognize them when you see them--

Daryn King Midas
Emilee E Venus and Adonis

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