Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

THING #1:  (Twenty to thirty minutes)  Grammar Work!
1.      Go to our grammar website:
2.     If you are not yet in the class, have a neighbor help you join.  The class code is 8m987vv9.
3.     Complete the assignment, “Subject/Verb Agreement.”
4.     Complete the assignment, “Capitalization.”

THING #2:  (Twenty-thirty minutes)  Revision:  Russian Tailor Poem
  1. Open your poem on google drive, and read it!
  2. Carefully review the comments you got from your reader!  
  3. Think about each of the comments and suggestions he/she made.
  4. Select THREE questions from “Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry” (in class folder on google drive) that will help you most when you re-see and re-work this poem today.
  5. Type them at the top of your paper.
  6. Type answers to your questions in a different color of ink.
  7. REVISE this poem to make it as strong as it can be.  You have to make at least fifteen changes today (not including cosmetic edits, which also must be done)..  Check yourself by going to “File”, then “See Revision History”.
Remember, I will see your changes when I click on “File” and then “See Revision History”.

For an “A”, make at least fifteen revisions to your poem to make it stronger.  Here’s what you can do to revise:
1.      Create a strong title.
2.     Use strong diction—get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet!
3.     Add details to create more imagery in your poem.
4.     Delete unneeded words.
5.     Switch words and lines around to help the poem flow.
6.     Make all your line breaks strong.
Editing Note:  editing corrections need to be made, but they do not “count” as revisions.  But your final draft should be grammatically perfect, error-free.
Revising Note:  Click on “FILE”, then “SEE REVISION HISTORY”.  Count how many revisions you made—do you have at least fifteen?

THING #3:  (10 min.)  Death of Language Turn-In
1.      Finish your Death of Language assignment.
2.     Thoughtfully fill out page 21, then hand it in to Mrs. Kling.
3.     You do not need to print your assignment—I have in in the class folder on google drive.

THING #4:  If You Finish Early

Diction Practice—Click on the link on my blog!  Make sure you’re in the class group!
1.      Play free rice at your BEST LEVEL (not starting over at Level 1) when you finish.
2.     15,000 grains are due by Friday, April 25th, 2014.

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