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Welcome to Creative Writing!
Happy Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

When You Come In
1.         Sign in, please.
2.        Get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet, please.
3.        Reminder:  10,000 grains for free rice are due tomorrow.  Thanks!

Writing Lesson:  Think about a word’s CONNOTATION, as well as its DENOTATION.
1.      So, how is this lesson related to DICTION and related to being PRECISE in your writing?
2.     Get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet, and look at the pairs that are synonyms, but that create different images in your mind.
a.     Dotted and freckled
b.    Oily and buttery
c.     Sweet and sugary
d.    Scented and odorous
Find at least five pair, and label them:  P1-P1, P2-P2, etc.
3.     Think about which one sounds more positive, and which one sounds more negative.  (Not all pairs will work in this way, but we’ll take a look at a few.)
a.     Spotted and freckled
b.    Ram and smash
c.     Peppery and hot
d.    Hot and spicy
e.     Rotten and spoiled
f.      Sneak and creep
g.    Velvety and smooth
h.    Alkaline and acidic
i.      Fuzzy and hairy
j.      Murmur and whisper
k.     Piney and earthy
l.      Roar and yell
m.   Bland and tasteless
n.    Steamy and damp
4.     Okay, now write down the word “attractive.”
a.     Flawless    Gorgeous       Pretty
b.    Handsome           Ravishing                   Hot
c.     Stunning              adorable                    fine
d.    cute           fierce              appealing       striking
e.     pretty       foxy                arousing         sexy
f.      beautiful   smokin’          spectacular
                                      i.     gorgeous 3
                                    ii.     adorable
                                   iii.     stunning   2
                                   iv.     fierce        2
                                    v.     striking     3
                                   vi.     spectacular
                                 vii.     smoking’
                                viii.     appealing

5.     Record as many synonyms as you can for this word.
6.     Now, let me hear the men’s synonyms.  Women, vote for your fave.
7.     Now, let me hear the women’s synonyms.  Men, vote for your fave.
Denotation Definition          = the literal or primary meaning of a word
Connotation Definition        = an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning; the vibe or a word--overtone, undertone, undercurrent, implication, hidden meaning, nuance, hint, echo, association, suggestion, insinuation
Writing Lesson Practice
What Are You Suggesting? (yellow page 26)
1.     You’re going to attack this assignment with a partner I’ve selected for you.
2.     Use your Vocab Variety sheet for help, as needed.
1.      ·      Dotted                                   blotched
2.     ·      Shiny                                      flashy
3.     ·      Curved                                   wavy
4.     ·      Buttery                                  oily
Reminders About Your Work with Your Partner and About Your Responses
·      Be appropriate and kind.
·      We’ll share out with the whole class.
1.      Smart                                     brainy
2.     Smooth                                 slick
3.     University                             college
4.     Erase                                      delete
5.     ignoramus                             dummy
6.     head-strong                          stubborn
7.     unripe                                    raw
8.     elderly                                   old
9.     spicy                                       peppery
10.   Shout                                      yell
11.    Singe                                      burn
12.   dirty                                       filthy
13.   crazy                                      insane
14.   hilarious                                 funny
15.   passionate                             obsessive
16.   Beautiful                               hot
17.   Well-liked                              popular
18.   Intelligent                             nerdy
19.   Bright                                     smart
20.  Bookish                                 nerdy
21.   Creative                                 weird
22.  Creative                                 Imaginative
23.  Energetic                                 Hyper
10:38--(5 Minutes)  Revision:  Earliest Memory Poem
1.      Look at an example of a thorough revision in or class folder.  This example is here anytime you need to review it.
2.     Read the Advice on Revising and Editing Poetry.
3.     Type three questions as the top of your poem that will help you revise.
4.     Carefully read my comments to you.
5.     Keeping #1-#4 above in mind, revise and edit your poem to excellence!

For an “A”, make at least fifteen revisions to your poem to make it stronger.  Here’s what you can do to revise:
1.      Create a strong title.
2.     Use strong diction—get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet!
3.     Add details to create more imagery in your poem.
4.     Delete unneeded words.
5.     Switch words and lines around to help the poem flow.
6.     Make all your line breaks strong.
Editing Note:  editing corrections need to be made, but they do not “count” as revisions.  But your final draft should be grammatically perfect, error-free.
Revising Note:  Click on “FILE”, then “SEE REVISION HISTORY”.  Count how many revisions you made—do you have at least fifteen?

(15 minutes)  Workshop Time:  Death of Language
1.      I talked about three different people’s mid-way grade checks from yesterday--if people had “1,” “2”, or “3,” they need to do more work today and tomorrow to beef up their answers to the “A” range.
2.     We had fifteen minutes to work on this assignment, which is due THURSDAY, at the end of the block.

If You Finish Early
Diction Practice—Click on the link on my blog!  Make sure you’re in the class group!
1.      Play free rice at your BEST LEVEL (not starting over at Level 1) when you finish.
2.     10,000 grains are due by Thursday, April 17th, 2014.

11:00--(15 minutes)                Last Part of Block

Explain tomorrow’s class assignments, then…

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