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Free Write #4!  J
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·      4/22/14
·      FW #4
·      Start @  10:03; ending at 10:13

Writing Lesson:  Think about a word’s CONNOTATION, as well as its DENOTATION.
1.      Review:  Get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet, and look at the pairs that are synonyms, but that create different images in your mind.
a.     Dotted and freckled
b.    Oily and buttery
c.     Sweet and sugary
d.    Scented and odorous
e.     Rotten and spoiled
f.      Hot and spicy
g.    Sneak and creep
2.     Review:  “attractive”
a.     Flawless    Gorgeous       Pretty
b.    Handsome           Ravishing                   Hot
c.     Stunning              adorable                    fine
d.    cute           fierce              appealing       striking
e.     pretty       foxy                arousing         sexy
f.      beautiful   smokin’          spectacular
Denotation Definition          = the literal or primary meaning of a word
Connotation Definition       = an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning; the vibe or a word--overtone, undertone, undercurrent, implication, hidden meaning, nuance, hint, echo, association, suggestion, insinuation
Writing Lesson Practice
What Are You Suggesting? (page 26)
Continue and finish this page, using the spreadsheet.
Turn page 26 in when we’re done!  Thanks!
1.      Smart                                     brainy
2.     Smooth                                 slick
3.     University                             college
4.     Erase                                      delete
5.     ignoramus                             dummy
6.     head-strong                          stubborn
7.     unripe                                    raw
8.     elderly                                   old
9.     spicy                                       peppery
10.   Shout                                      yell
11.    Singe                                      burn
12.   dirty                                       filthy
13.   crazy                                      insane
14.   hilarious                                 funny
15.   passionate                             obsessive
16.   Beautiful                               hot
17.   Well-liked                              popular
18.   Intelligent                             nerdy
19.   Bright                                     smart
20.  Bookish                                 nerdy
21.   Creative                                 weird
22.  Creative                                 Imaginative
23.  Energetic                                 Hyper
Consider the word,  “Overweight” —spectrum from positive to negative.  Reminder:  this is an academic discussion of connotation versus denotation—not a reason to be inappropriate and/or offensive.  Put yourself on a five-second delay.
List as many SYNONYMS as you can think of for “overweight.”
Make sure they are not slang.
Make sure they are adjectives.

Diction Practice—Click on the link on my blog!  Make sure you’re in the class group!
1.      Play free rice at your BEST LEVEL (not starting over at Level 1) when you finish.
2.     15,000 grains are due by Friday, April 25th, 2014.

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