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Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Happy Thursday!  April 10th, 2014

When You Come In
1.           Sign in.
Reminder:  5,000 grains was due today for free rice.

Writing Lesson Review
1.      What was your take-away from the diction movie and quiz yesterday?
2.     What does it mean to be “precise?”
3.     What does free rice have to do with diction?
4.     What does avoiding clichés have to do with diction?
5.     Am I developing a theme here?
6.     Word of the Day = DICTION!  (…shocking surprise, I know.)

Assignment #1:  Save the  Words!
1.      Go the the website below, and browse the list of words that this organization is trying to save.
2.     After you browse for fifteen minutes, find FIVE you want to save.
3.     Go to our class folder, and find the spreadsheet called “Saved Words”.  Type the word, the part of speech, and the definition, then a sentence about why you want to save it.  I’ve put a few models there for you.  You’re welcome!  J
6.     We will discuss your “saved words” tomorrow! 
Take the whole fifteen minutes to explore and enjoy!  Don’t rush!  There is no “finishing early!”

Assignment #2:  Death of Language (page 19)
1.      Explanation of assignment
2.     Discussion of “A” models
3.     Why you’re using dictionaries for this assignment
4. Workshop time = Twenty full minutes right now to browse the dictionary (Start =

9:15 and 10:55--Sharing Out
1.      Get with a partner, and trade word lists.
2.     Star the two words you like the best.
3.     Define any words for your partner as needed.
4.     Sign the bottom of your partner’s paper.
5.     Each of you come type your FAVORITE word so far here:
a.     Higgledy-piggledy

@ 9:20 and 11:00
1.      Tomorrow, Mr. Collins will be my sub.  Be nice to him!  He is wonderful!  And he is an English teacher, so USE HIM for help on any aspects of your assignments.
2.     I have three things for you to do tomorrow.
a.     Death of Language (thirty minutes—ten well-developed answers are due on Monday, on google drive; you will trade with two other people.
b.    Personal Essay (WE#5)—twenty minutes, then finish for homework
c.     Grammar Work

                                      i.     Join my class now.
                                    ii.     CODE:  8m987vv9
                                   iii.     Join my class now, then start answering the questions.  There are 25 total, so I want you to open them tomorrow in class—I just want you to see if you can answer one or two now, to make sure there are no bugs in the system

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