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Friday, April 11th, 2014

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Happy Friday!  April 11th, 2015

When You Come In
1.           Sign in, please.

Due Monday
1.      Death of Language, half-way completed--ten words with full reasons that look at least as detailed as the models; saved on google drive.
2.     Writing Experiment #5—Personal Essay
3.     Two online grammar assignments on

Assignment #1:  Death of Language--FORTY MINUTES
1.      Grab a dictionary!
2.     Get out your word list you started yesterday, and read over it.
3.     Re-read the directions for this assignment on PAGE 19. 
4.    Open up Jacob Hennigan’s or Ivy Hamilton’s doc on google drive, and remind yourself what this assignment will look like when you’re done.
5.     Keep searching for words to save, then type TEN of them, with full reasons that look at least as detailed as the models.

Assignment #2:  Grammar Work!  J  (TWENTY MINUTES)
1.      Go to our grammar website:
2.     If you were absent yesterday, go to yesterday’s blog, and follow the directions for signing up—the code is 8m987vv9
3.     Continue the assignment you started yesterday, Commonly Confused Words).
4.     Complete it.
5.     Then complete the second assignment, Using Apostrophes.


You must answer "YES" to all the following questions for 100% on this assignment.
Copy the seven items in red below, then paste them into the top of your doc before you start typing.
1.      The piece is a minimum of 400 words.  My word count is in parentheses beside my name.
2.     I used paragraphs to show my shifting ideas.
3.     I used the correct MLA format for heading.
4.     I doublespaced the whole piece.
5.     I included at least five specific examples to support what I’m saying--these five specific examples are highlighted in yellow.
6.     I used to replace at least five words I ordinarily use with five more powerful, precise words--these words are highlighted in pink.
7.     All above items are complete by classtime Monday, at which time I will submit it to Willis on google form.

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