Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014--Early Dismissal Schedule

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Happy Wednesday!  April 9th, 2014

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Writing Lesson Review:  Choosing Precise Adjectives
1.      What lesson did we learn yesterday?
2.     How is the worksheet we’re about to do and discuss relate to that?  How’s it going to HELP US BE PRECISE?

Writing Lesson:  Use strong diction--Vocabulary Variety (pages 11-12)
1.      Use it anytime you have a writing assignment.
2.     How did we use this sheet yesterday?

3.     Vocabulary Variety Worksheet (page 13)
4.     Complete the worksheet.
5.     Work time = 20 minutes
6.     Turn in page 13 on ___________.  Make sure your name is at the top!

Lecture and Quiz--Let's See What You Know!     (Ten minutes)
1.      Listen to the lesson at this link:
2.     Take the quiz to see if you understood the main points of the lecture.
3.     Take a screen shot of your score (Shift, Command, 3)
4.   E-mail me your screen shot as an attachment, and put your score in the title line. You don’t actually have to write a message.

Poetry Vocab—Quizlet!
·      Why?  …so we all have a common vocabulary to talk about poetry.  You will use these terms  when you revise (application) your poetry
Study the poetry vocab:

If you get to the point where you feel you know the words 100%, come get the Quizlet Poetry Vocab Quiz from me, and take it.  I’ll give you a key to score yourself.

·      5,000 grains for free rice is due tomorrow.
·      Make sure you play in the class group, or your grains won’t register, and I won’t see them.   Thanks!

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