Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Happy Wednesday!
March 12th, 2014

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Grab your manila folder.
3.     Give your completed Ghosts, Monsters, Bullies rubric to the sub, please.

Revision #1:  Musical Memory
1.      Go to our class folder on google, and open the file, “Musical Memory Revision Directions.”
2.     Follow the directions on that page carefully.

Revision #2:  Prose (not a poem) Revision
1.      Re-read the following four pieces you’ve written
a.     WE#2:  Words on Skin OR Person Who Influenced Me
b.    WE #4:  Cynefin or Comfort
c.     WE #6:  Color or Indestructible
d.    WE #7:  Loss or Adults Have Forgotten
2.     Select ONE of them to revise today.
3.     Go to our class folder, and open the directions file:  Prose Revision Directions.
4.     Follow the directions on that page carefully.

Ø Update the two Portfolio spreadsheets in our class folder as needed.

Ø Anything you don’t complete in class needs to be completed for homework.  Thanks.

Turbo-Advanced Creative Writing
Happy Wednesday!

Ø  Sign in, please.


Here are your partners.  Your partner is the person with the same number after his/her name as you!  :-)  If someone is absent, please fix my list.  Thanks!

Mariah   Crone     1
Morgan Britton   1
Stephanie      Loy 1
Emily      Bell 2
Michelle         Holland  2
Kaytlyn Christner       3
Kendal   Leyden   3
Logan     Howard 4
Tori         Bennett 4
Mackenzie    Miller      5
Erica       Zieglowsky   5
Christian        Thomas 6
Kristen   Mead      6
Macenzee      Schwab 7
Sam         Mullens 7
Ashley    Rausch   8
Alex         Sinn         8
Mallory  Van Winkle   9
Caitlin     Yeggy     9
Anna       Wiley      10
Meredith       Miller      10
Bailey     Anderson      11

Shannon        Allred     11

Short Story Element Lesson:  Style
1.      Spend the entire time before lunch on this analysis; if needed, work on it after lunch as well.
2.     Open the doc in our class folder entitled “Style Analysis.” 
3.     Go to “file,” then “make a copy.”
4.     Make a copy of this doc, but don’t share it with anyone, not even the writer or me—top secret!
5.     Read over the analysis points, and look up words you don’t know to understand your job better.  And your job today is to analyze your partner’s writing style, using as much detail as you are capable of.
6.     The third column on the sheet is for your observations and conclusions about the writer’s style.
7.     Read the first six pages of your partner’s story, and complete the analysis on your google doc. 
8.     You should feel and sound like a detective scientist here.  J
9.     If time allows, read the remainder of their story.
10.   Again, don’t show this to anyone when you finish!  And don’t discuss your findings with anyone!  …top secret!  J

Workshop (After Lunch)
1.      Finish your story—yes, it’s true!
2.     When you come in tomorrow, your story should be ready to print and share.

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