Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Creative Writing

...last day with our Lincoln Writing Buddies!

Happy Thursday!  DO THIS NOW, PLEASE! 
1.   Grab your WRITING BUDDY manila folder.
2.  Grab your COMPUTER—you need to take it to Lincoln with you today.
3.  Grab an orange sheet, and read it carefully.
4. Jump on the bus!  J

  1. Complete your Prose Piece #1 Revision.
  2. Read the portfolio packet again.
  3. Work on your portfolio.

Turbo-Advanced Creative Writing
Happy Thursday!

Ø  Sign in, please.
Ø  Go to our class google folder, and fill out the doc called “Short Story Workshop.”


Short Story Workshop Prep
1.      Fill out the spreadsheet in our class folder called “Short Story Workshop.”
2.     Do one last revision today; we are printing copies of stories and assigning two for you to read for tomorrow.
a.     LENGTH:  five-six pages, minimum
b.    CHARACTER:  strong development via vivid description  (Don’t forget your “Describing People!  Did you get that in there?)
c.     SETTING:  strong imagery to create vivid descriptions of where and when
d.    DIALOGUE:  strongly written and correctly edited
e.     CONNOTATION:  diction is vivid and clear

Ø While you are working, I will figure out workshop groups.  If there is anyone you prefer to work with, e-mail as soon as work time starts today.  After lunch, I will let you know what your workshop groups will be.

Style Analysis—Self-Evaluation
1.      I will need a volunteer from the audience to show how this works!
2.     Title the column you filled out yesterday “Author’s Name Style”.
3.     Scrunch down the column you write in yesterday, so no writing is visible.
4.     Drop this in our class google folder, saved as “Your Last Name—Style Analysis”
5.     Create a fourth column entitled, “Self-Analysis,” where you will type your responses.
6.     Now YOU analyze your story, by reading it from the beginning, and filling your column.  (due, completed, by classtime tomorrow for a significant grade)

Workshop Details
1.   Groups
2.  Expectations for homework (prepare)
3.  Two readers, ready to read tomorrow, for each group
4. Room assignment

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