Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Creative Writing
Happy Friday!
March 14th, 2014

Ø Sign in, and grab your manila folder, please!  Thanks!

1.      Pass back papers.  You take your manila folder home this weekend, so you can work on your portfolio.
2.     Go to our class folder, and click on the folder called “Writing Buddies.”
3.     Create a folder in that folder, and title it your last name.  …more on that next week.
4.     It’s time to reclaim your work!  J  I want YOU to be the only person with access to the work.
5.     Let’s go to the “Used” folder in the class google docs.
6.     Follow directions for how to “organize” or move things to your own personal Creative Writing folder.  Can I borrow one of your computers now, so you can see how to do this?
a.     Ogden Nash
b.    Sense
c.     Autobio
d.    Around the Block
e.     Valentine Poem
f.      Musical Memory
g.    Fifty-Word Stories
7.     If the magic is happening like it should, items in our class folder will shortly begin to disappear! 
8.     Let’s make a CREATIVE WRITING FOLDER now in “MY DRIVE” and make sure everything is in there.

Russian Tailor
1.      You read it aloud to your buddies yesterday.
2.     Now reread the poem one more time. 
3.     Open it up on google drive, and go to “see revision history” for March 12th.  Count your changes, and put that number over fifteen in the right column of your pink rubric.
4.     Fill out the RIGHT side of the pink rubric with fresh, objective eyes.
5.     Yes, this means you are self-assessment two times!  J
6.     Return it to the folder by the monkey, then move on to what you need to do for “Fifty-Word Stories.”

Fifty-Word Stories
1.      Read my comments.
2.     Make the small edits necessary, so they are ready for your portfolio!

Prose Revision #2  (not a poem)
1.      Re-read the following four pieces you’ve written.
a.     WE#2:  Words on Skin OR Person Who Influenced Me
b.    WE #4:  Cynefin or Comfort
c.     WE #6:  Color or Indestructible
d.    WE #7:  Loss or Adults Have Forgotten
2.     Select ONE of them to revise today (NOT the one you revised Wednesday in class and/or for homework).
3.     Go to our class folder, and open the directions file:  Prose Revision Directions.
4.     Follow the directions on that page carefully.

Ø YOU HAVE UNTIL 10:50/1:55 to work, and then I am going to use the last twenty-five minutes of class to talk about the portfolio.

Conference with Me
Ø  …when I call you—Portfolio Conference!  J

10:50--Portfolio Discussion
Ø  Reminders from Portfolio Discussion Sheet
Ø  Get out your packet, peeps!  You’ve GOT to read that, or you will be utterly clueless about how to proceed.  Begin with the end in mind, lovelies!

End of Block
1.      Make sure both Revised Prose are saved for me to read (Revised Prose #2 due Monday).
2.     Paper run to workroom!

Homework for Monday
1.      Work on your portfolio—what you told me you’d do is on the doc in “Portfolio Stuff” entitled “Portfolio Planning.”  Look at the yellow column.
2.     Make sure Prose Revision #1 and Prose Revision #2 are in great shape, and are each in the correct folder in our class folder on google drive.


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