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Monday, March 10th, 2014

Happy Daylight Savings Monday!  :-/
March 10th, 2014

To Prepare for Class Today
1.      Get your AROUND THE BLOCK poem out of your manila folder.  (If you don’t have it printed, you will have to deal with that later in the block.)
2.     Get out the following papers:
a.     Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry
b.    Vocabulary Variety

Big Ideas for Four Days This Week
1.      Revision and Rubrics (Tests)
2.     We are going to PUSH this week:
a.     We go see our Writing Buddies Friday (no time to work in class).
b.    This weekend is your last large chunk of time before portfolios are due (a week from Friday).

We are revising TWO poems today.
Rubric Pieces--Tests
1.      How are they different from other assignments?
2.     Count for fifteen percent of your term grade—basically, they are tests to see if you can show what you know—performance.
3.     Measure precisely what we’ve been working on

Ø If you are absent from class for any reason, print the two rubrics yourself.
Ø Your work is still due by 3:20, if you are here at school today.

Rubric Reminders
1.      Importance of REFLECTION when you fill it out
2.     Read, read, read carefully and thoughtfully—this is not something you want to rush.
3.     Follow the directions.
4.    Have the following pages out on your desk:
a.     Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry—put today’s date next to THREE questions you’re going to keep in your head as you revise your poems today.
b.    Vocabulary Variety
5.     Do your best work.

Autobio Poem Revision Directions
1.      Go to our class folder, and click on the directions, “Autobio Poem Revision Directions”.
2.     Get a copy of the rubric your ACW person filled out.
3.     Read the comments you received from them on your poem.
4.     Have a fresh copy of the Autobio Rubric out for you to fill out.
5.     Autobio Poem Rubric (available in class google folder, if you were absent today).

Follow the directions on the rubrics for turn-in.

Around the Block Poem Revision Directions
1.      Get a paper copy of your poem.  If you don’t have one, you need to print it ASAP, then get to work.
2.     Review the direction sheet in our google class folder:  “Around the Block Revision”:  
3.     Carefully read and consider your ACW person’s comments.
4.     Around the Block Poem Rubric (available in class google folder, if you were absent today).

Follow the directions on the rubrics for turn-in.

When You Finish Stellar Work
on the Two Poems for Today

Start revising the following, using the same directions as today (I’ll get you the paperwork tomorrow):
1.      Russian Tailor
2.     Ghosts, Monsters, Bullies

1.      Portfolio Planning and Material Gathering
2.     Re-read the Portoflio packet I gave you last week (grading criteria, reflection direction, table of contents)
3.     Update the Portfolio Planning doc in our class google folder.

Turbo-Advanced Creative Writing
Happy Daylight Savings Monday!



1.      Style (pages 58-9)—upcoming = style analysis MONDAY!  J
2.     Point of View (pages 62-3)—which POV did you choose, and why?   Fill out blog form before lunch.
3.     Dan Harmon’s Story Circles (page 64)—did anyone use any part of this?
4.     Creating realistic characters:  detail and description, humanity
5.     Have you incorporated your DESCRIBING PEOPLE assignment into your story?
6.     Setting (page 71)
7.     Get out your Visualizing page (72).  Have you incorporated these details into your story?

Short Story Element Lesson:  Dialogue
1.      “Buidling a Scene with Dialogue (page 70)
2.     “You Talkin’ to Me?” (page 69, through “Quiz”) 

1.      The “Revision” assignment at the bottom of 69—do that ON YOUR OWN STORY!

Upcoming Short Story Lessons
1.      Style                                       (Tuesday)
2.     Diction                                    (Tuesday)
3.     Metaphors and Similes        (Tuesday)

Conference w/Me in the Library
·      You don’t need to bring anything.

Quiet, Independent Writing Workshop—Move if you think you’ll be chatty.  Silence is supreme today.

1.      LENGTH:  Total of six pages due WEDNESDAY
2.     CHARACTER:  Incorporate your CHARACTER pages into your story!  Maybe you use every detail, or maybe you just KNOW it, even though you don’t explicitly state it.
3.     CHARACTER:  Incorporate your Describing People one-hundred words.
4.     SETTING:  Incorporate your Visualizing Setting Details (page 72) into your story.  Maybe you use every detail, or maybe you just KNOW it, even though you don’t explicitly state it.
5.     DIALOGUE:  Revise your story using what you learned/reviewed about dialogue on pages 69-70.
6.     IDEA-GATHERING:  Cruise pinterest board for most recent fiction posts—good stuff there!

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