Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday, March 7th, 2014


Lincoln Writing Buddies!

Turbo-Advanced Creative Writing
Happy Friday!

1.      Make sure your Describing People is saved as your last name in our class folder called “Describing People.”
2.     Put your name on your Facebook Profile and your Character Reel, and turn them in to the correct folders by the monkey, please.


1.      Style (pages 58-9)—upcoming = style analysis MONDAY!  J
2.     Point of View (pages 62-3)—which POV did you choose, and why?   Fill out blog form before lunch.
3.     Dan Harmon’s Story Circles (page 64)—did anyone use any part of this?
4.     Creating realistic characters:  detail and description, humanity

Short Story Element Lesson:  Setting
1.      Turn to page 71.  I have two excerpts to read to you.
2.     As I read, you circle details that SHOW the reader the SETTING.
3.     We’ll compare notes and discuss after each excerpt.

Exercise:  Visualizing Short Story Setting Details (page 72)
1.      Select ONE setting from your story to work with on page 72.
2.     I’ll give you another one of these Visualizing sheets, if you find it helpful.
3.     Remember setting is not only WHERE, but WHEN, so think about the following:
a.     Time of day
b.    Time period

Upcoming Short Story Lessons
1.      Dialogue (Monday)
2.     Style (Monday)
3.     Diction (Tuesday)
4.     Metaphors and Similes (Tuesday)

Conference w/Me in the Library
·      You don’t need to bring anything.

Quiet, Independent Writing Workshop—Move if you think you’ll be chatty.  Silence is supreme today.

1.      Total of four pages               due MONDAY
2.     Incorporate your CHARACTER pages into your story!  Maybe you use every detail, or maybe you just KNOW it, even though you don’t explicitly state it.
3.     Incorporate your Visualizing Setting Details (page 72) into your story.  Maybe you use every detail, or maybe you just KNOW it, even though you don’t explicitly state it.
4.     Cruise pinterest board for most recent fiction posts—good stuff there!

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