Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Welcome to Creative Writing!  J
Thursday, March 6th, 2014
Ø Sign in, please.

Focus for the Last Thirteen Days
1.      Showing, Not Just Telling
2.     Revision
3.     Writing Buddies—this Friday and next Friday
4.     Portfolio

Ø  Best Ogden Nash Poem for claps!

Writing Buddies Preparation
1.      Put your name on a manila folder.
2.     Put your stuff from last week in the folder.
3.     Organize material from last time.
4.    What’s left on the lesson plan from last time?
5.     New lesson plan for tomorrow—PUT IT IN THE MANILA FOLDER!
6.    Take enough of these for your kiddos, and put them in your folder:
a.     Sense Poem Template
b.    Ogden Nash Poems
c.     Visualizing Worksheet
d.    Vocab Variety sheets

Rubric Pieces--Tests
1.      How are they different from other assignments?
2.     Count for fifteen percent of your term grade—basically, they are tests to see if you can show what you know—performance.
3.     Measure precisely what we’ve been working on

Writing Lessons
1.      Revise.
2.     Use advice for revising and editing poetry.
3.     Use strong diction—Vocabulary Variety.  One word can make a difference!
4.     Avoid clichés.
5.     Avoid plagiarism and academic fraud.
6.     Choose precise adjectives.
7.     Show, don’t just tell.
a.     Figurative and literal language
b.    Personification
c.     Simile and metaphor
d.    Hyperbole/exaggeration
8.     Think about a word’s CONNOTATION, as well as its DENOTATION.
9.     Create meaningful, strong line breaks.
10.   Create strong titles.
11.    Make strong paragraphs. (next week)

Rubric Reminders
1.      Importance of REFLECTION when you fill it out
2.     Read, read, read carefully and thoughtfully—this is not something you want to rush.
3.     Follow the directions.
4.    Have the following pages out on your desk:
a.     Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry—put today’s date next to THREE questions you’re going to keep in your head as you revise your poems today.
b.    Vocabulary Variety
5.     Do your best work.

Ø  I will send someone on a printer run at the following times:
Ø  Meanwhile, you keep working on the items in order; go back and complete the rubrics when you get your papers.  This is much more efficient then every single person running down at different times to pick up one paper.

Quiet Workshop Time
Do the following, in order:
1.      Revise your Sense Poem, using my comments, and all of the above information.
2.     Fill out the rubric, and follow directions for turning it in.
3.     Revise your Ogden Nash poems IF NEEDED.
4.    Fill out the rubric, and follow directions for turning it in.
5.     Study quizlet poetry terms IF you want to re-take the test on Monday:
6.    Play free rice—25,000 grains is due tomorrow

Turbo-Advanced Creative Writing
Happy Thursday!

1.      Make sure your two-page short story start is saved as your last name in our class folder called “Short Story.”
2.     Put your name on your proposal, and turn it in by the monkey, please.


1.      Style (pages 58-9)—upcoming = style analysis tomorrow!  J
2.     Point of View (pages 62-3)—which POV did you choose, and why?   Fill out blog form before lunch.
3.     Dan Harmon’s Story Circles (page 64)—did anyone use any part of this?

Today—Some Harsh Sarcasm J , and a Bunch of Work on CHARACTER
1.      How to Bore Your Readers (pages 60-61)
2.     Creating Three-Dimension Characters (page 65)
3.     Character Facebook Profile
4.     Character Wheel
5.     Describing People (page 66)—one-hundred words about one or two characters in your story, as directed on page 66.  Save it in the “Describing People” folder in our class folder.

Quiet, Independent Writing Workshop—Move if you think you’ll be chatty.  Silence is supreme today.

1.      Facebook Profile                   due tomorrow
2.     Character Wheel                   due tomorrow
3.     Describing People                due tomorrow
4.     Total of four pages               due MONDAY
5.     Cruise pinterest board for most recent fiction posts—good stuff there!

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