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Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Creative Writing
Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Get a copy of the new textbook, and put it in your binder.

Writing Lesson:  Showing, Not Just Telling
1.      Difference between “literal” and “figurative language” (page 32)
A)    Definitions
2.     Least Vivid to Most Vivid (page 32 )--Place the sentences in order form least vivid description to most vivid description.
A)    Our barelegged mammas dance down the steps and join us in the rain.
B)    Our barelegged mammas come down the steps and join us in the rain.
C)    Our barelegged mammas dance down the steps and join us in the fresh, clean rain.
D)   Our barelegged mammas come down the steps and join us in the fresh, clean rain.
3.     Diction Sandra Cisneros (p. 32)
4.     Vocabulary Variety Sheet—grab it!  It’s your constant companion for the rest of the term!  J

Turn It In for a Daily Grade
·      Please put your name at the top of page 32, and lay it by my monkey cup.

Writing Lesson:  Line Breaks (Endline and Enjambment)  (pages 40-41)
1.      Read and discuss page 41 with me now.  Stay strong!
2.     With the partner I’m going to give you, read and break the poems on page 40.
3.     Write two reasons from page 41 next to the poems that say WHY you broke the lines where you did.  (ten-ish minutes)  
4.     When we come back together, let’s talk as a class:
a.     Why did you break the lines where you did?
b.    Why did the writers break the lines where they did?  (originals)
c.     What’s the difference between an end-stopped line, and enjambment? 
d.    What techniques have you been using in the poems you’ve written?
Turn It In for a Daily Grade
·      Please put your name at the top of page 40, and lay it by my monkey cup.

Poetry Revision:  Autobiographical Poem
1.      We are revising today to a second draft we can use THURSDAY with our writing buddies.
2.     You’ll make AT LEAST FIFTEEN changes, and probably many more:
a.     Add concrete details—specfics and examples
b.    Add details from all five senses
                                      i.     Colors and visuals
                                    ii.     Textures
                                   iii.     Sounds
                                   iv.     Tastes
                                    v.     Smells
c.     Subtract words or lines that aren’t strengthening the poem
d.    Switch words and lines around
e.     Take one word out and substitute another, stronger word.  Use your Vocabulary Variety sheet and
f.      Experiment with your line breaks—keep in mind everything you just learned and talked about on pages 40 and 41, and make thoughtful decisions on where you’re breaking your lines, and why.
g.    Create a strong title that does not have any of the following words in it:  I, me my

3.     Leave this poem in the class google folder so I can read it before Thursday.

Turbo-Advanced Creative Writing

Find and print the following poems from Creative Writing (Cinquains are from this term of ACW though.)

  1. Autobiographical Poem
  2. Drawing Optional
  3. Name Poem  
  4. Sense Poem
  5. Russian Tailor Poem
  6. Cinquain
  7. Ogden Nash Poems
Writing Assignment:  Ogden Nash Poems
1.      Let’s read some little poems by writer Ogden Nash (handout)
2.     What elements do you notice Nash using in many of the poems?
3.     Why would these appeal to a kiddo?
4.     Write three Ogden Nash Poems of your own, with these elements in each:
a.     Humor
b.    Animals or other topics children like
c.     Word-play
d.    Rhyme:
e.     Listen to the rhythm (number of syllables in each line).  Do you need to substitute any words so the flow is better?
f.      Is every word a strong one?  Use your Vocab Variety and for help.
g.    length = two to eight lines for each poem
h.    a title that adds a dimension to the poem

PRINT THEM, IF THEY ARE G-Rated and ready to go for Thursday.

Writing Buddies--Stuff to Do for Thursday!

  1. Ashley Rausch
  2. Sam Mullens
  3. Caitlin Yeggy
  4. Erica Zigelowsky
  5. Shannon Allred
  6. Kaytlyn Christner
  7. Michelle Holland
  8. Victoria Bennett
  9. Kendal Leyden
  10. Macenzee Schwab
  11. Mallory Van Winkle
  12. Logan Howard

  1. Alex Sinn
  2. Meredith Miller
  3. Stephanie Loy
  4. Kristen Mead
  5. Mackenzie Miller (will be gone Friday--someone will need to take her kiddos)
  6. Anna Wiley
  7. Mariah Crone
  8. Emily Bell
  9. Bailey Anderson
  10. Christian Thomas
  11. Morgan Britton

We will eat with you.

_11-15_people will need to buy lunches there at Lincoln.

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