Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday, February 20th

Welcome to Creative Writing!  J

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Two-Day Plan
1.      Revise one last poem today (Russian Tailor).
2.     Print all unprinted writings.
3.     Update Free Rice level
4.     Advanced Creative Writing will be peer conferencing your poems today!  Yee-haw!

1.      Small Group Sharing  (If you know you will not be here Friday, please tell me now!)
2.     Ab = Jordan
a.     McGilvrey (all three blocks)
b.    Soboroff (third)
c.     Seberg (fourth)
3.     Folder check
4.     Sharing Prep

Why should writers and readers be familiar with poetry terms?
1.      Because we need to all be using the same DICTION when we talk about each other’s poems.
2.     Because we need to be aware of all the parts that make up a poem—and maybe that will allow us to experiment with a variety of techniques when we write!
·      Quizlet Poetry Vocab Practice  (2:02-2:17)
·      Click here:

…anyone brave enough to let me look at their Around the Block revision from yesterday?

ACW read all three poems from 2nd and 4th block (the ones in the folder by 11:30am Thursday.)

At ______, we will say good-bye to quizlet, and we will talk for five minutes about REVISION.  Thanks, __________, for volunteering.

What Can You Use to Help You Revise Today?
1.      Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry sheet (pink)
2.     Vocabulary Variety sheet
4.     Peer Conference Comments
5.     Quizlet poetry elements knowledge

Your goal is to show mastery of the lessons you’ve learned in class so far to revise this poem to make it the strongest it can be.

v Reminder:  The only acceptable places to be on your computer today are as follows:
1.      The blog
2.     The sites/links on the blog
3.—bookmark it now, peeps!
4.     Google drive
5.     iTunes/pandora
Note #1:        Stow away cell phones. 
Note #2:      If LAN School tells me you are any place else, you lose half-credit on your daily assignment, which cannot be made up.  Make sure you are on WCSD—STUDENT so your computer is visible to me; otherwise, you lose half-credit as well

Revision:  I  Am a Russian Tailor
1.      Pull up your poem on google drive.
2.     Get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet!
3.     Spend twenty minutes doing all of the following:  (Note:  you must do ALL the following to receive full credit for this assignment.)
a.     Read the poem slowly to yourself.
b.    Answer all four questions you asked yourself from the Advice on Revising and Editing Poetry handout.
c.     Add color.
d.    Add a sound.
e.     Re-arrange/re-order lines, as needed, for best effect.  This means grouping similar-topic lines together.
f.      Change any line breaks to reflect how you want each line read.
g.     Look over your Vocabulary Variety sheet to see which words you might use to be more precise and descriptive in your poem.
h.    Give this poem a strong title.

When you finish this revision, bag your computer, and bring it back to my desk.

w/ Me at my desk:

Make sure items are named correctly:
·      Ghosts, Monsters Bullies
·      Fifty-Word Stories

Update your free rice with me now, please!

·      Handout
·      You and your computer to the library

Diction Practice
1.      Play free rice IN OUR CLASS GROUP by using the link on this blog.
2.     Start at your best level, not at level one.
3.     When I hand out the tracking sheet, fill out today’s info.
4.     15,000 grains are due by tomorrow.

Welcome to TURBO-ACW!  J
Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Words of the Week
1.      Conferencing
2.     Revision
3.     Memoir

1.      Small Sharing Groups!
2.     If you know you won’t be here, please tell me now!
a.     Shan
b.    Mack Miller
3.     You will have almost all block to read as much of your work as time allows.
4.     Do you remember when we did this in CW?
5.     So later in the block, we’re going to print a bunch of pieces for that.

Why You’re Highly Qualified as Peer Conferencers
1.      You’ve been analyzing poetry on your own element spreadsheet.
2.     You’ve been writing your own poetry this term.
3.     You’ve been trying to define what poetry is.
4.     You completed Creative Writing, and you’ve had all the lessons.  J
5.     I trust you.  Having said this, I need you to be above reproach in your conduct with these conferences.  If you draw a writer that you have a conflict with, just re-draw.  I don’t want you to read someone’s work if you have tension with them.  And no sarcasm—these guys might not take a sarcastic comment the way you intend it.

·     We spent the whole block either peer conferencing for Creative Writing, or printing.
·     Mallory and Steph, see me when you’re ready, and I’ll give you three poems to peer conference for today’s grade.

Here’s What I Asked People to Comment On, In Particular, In Addition to the Usual:

1.      Specific details
2.     Imagery—using all five senses to SHOW, instead of just tell
3.     Deleting non-vital words—less is more!
4.     Line breaks
5.     Diction

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