Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Today we did the same activity in both Creative and Advanced Creative Writing.

ACW, you have homework:  complete your peer conferences as assigned on the spreadsheet in our class folder.

CW:  Your only homework is free rice.

Have a great weekend!

Welcome to Creative and Advanced Creative Writing!  J
Friday, February 21st, 2014

On the Sign-In Table
1.      Write your name on an index card.
2.     Put your phone on the index card, with your name showing.

Small Group Preparation
1.      Expectations for Leaving the Room, and Being in Small Groups
2.     Handout:  Small Sharing Group Prep Worksheet
3.     Paper pass-back and folder organization (5-10 minutes)

Small Sharing Groups--How They Work; Why We Use Them; What I Expect
We are going to get into small sharing groups, and here’s why:
1.      It’s sometimes daunting to read your work in front of the whole class.  But reading to three or four other people can be a lot easier, more relaxed.
2.     Hearing your work out loud can change the way you view it—you hear things you aren’t aware of when you’re simply reading over it in your head.
3.     Your classmates have written some powerful pieces, some funny pieces, some thoughtful pieces.  I think it’s important that they have an audience (more than just me) for these pieces.

What to do in your small sharing group:
1)  Start with someone, anyone.
a.     That writer tells the group WHAT he/she is reading, and WHY he/she has chosen to read it.
b.    Then the writer reads!
c.     Group members listen carefully.
d.    When the author finishes, applaud, and then have each person in the group make one positive, specific comment about the work.
e.      Give everyone time to fill out the comment sheets before going on to the next story.
2)    Now the next person in the circle share a piece, and so on, until everyone has shared.
3)    Return to the room by _________.

Questions before you get into your groups:
1.      Have you reminded yourself to treat everyone with the utmost courtesy and respect?
2.     Do you have your folder and your comment sheets?
3.     Have you turned off your phone and put it on its name card on the sign-in table?

1.      Small Group Sharing  (If you know you will not be here Friday, please tell me now!)
a.     McGilvrey      
b.    Mitchell
c.     Sam’s room
2.     Folder check
3.     Sharing Prep
1.      Staple the yellow sheets on the back of each piece you read.
2.     Pile those up on the sign-in table.
3.     Put your folder (minus the three or four pieces you read aloud) in the black metal folder-holder.
4.     Fill out the bottom half of your Small Group Prep Sheet.
5.     Turn it in, face-down, at my table by my monkey cup.
6.     Pick up your phone!  J

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