Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Welcome to Creative Writing

Link for Death of Language Assignment

Welcome to Creative Writing!  J
Friday, February 7th, 2014
When You Come In
1.          Sign in.
2.         Homework Reminder:  Free Rice (10,000 grains) is due Thursday, February 13th.
3.       Fill out the form on the blog for your Death of Language assignment.
4.      Get out your Writing Resistance Topics sheet, please.
5.       Get out a sheet of notebook paper and a pen/pencil.

Free Write #3
1.      Write for the full ten minutes, without stopping.
2.     Talk about any topic of your choosing.
3.     Who will read this Free Write #3?
4.    How will I grade this?
a.     Start Time =        
b.    End Time =           
5.     To Turn It In
6.    Circle (or rectangle, or parallelogram) the following
a.     “Free Write #3
b.    2/7/2014
c.     Your Name
Put them FACE DOWN, and please pass them over to Hunter and Zach, please!

Show form responses for final call.

Death of Language Progress Check
·      Half-way Checkpoint  (ten words with full reasons that look at least as detailed and thoughtful as the answers on page 19)
·      Goal #1:  Get feedback on your work so far that will show you if you are on the right track for creating an excellent assignment, or if you need to dedicate more time and energy to this assignment between now and Tuesday.
·      Goal #2:  Learn some new vocabulary words.
·      Explanation #1:  Pages 21:  Handout #1:  Final Assessment (which we will fill out Tuesday)
·      Explanation #2:  Page 20:  Progress Check (which you will complete now)

Started _______; ending -ish (twenty minutes)
·     When you finish your two progress checks, turn in your page 20 to me.
·     Now play Free Rice until I stop you.  Wee!  Free Rice is so fun!  J

Diction Practice—Click on the link on my blog!
1.      Play free rice at your BEST LEVEL (not starting over at Level 1) when you finish.
2.     10,000 grains are due by Thursday, February 13th, 2014.

FRIDAY  4th block needs to do the folder organization! 
Grab a yellow sheet off the sign-in table.                 (4th Only)
Grab your manila folder off the circle table.                        (4th Only)

Writing Assignment #5:  Around the Block Poem
1.      We’ve talked a lot about diction.
2.     We’ve talked some about using all five senses to SHOW the reader a scene, instead of just TELLING him or her what’s happening.
3.     Today, we’re going to practice using all five senses when we write.
4.     First, let’s try it with out current neighborhood.  Look out the window, the list details with me here:
5.     See
a.     Green pine trees
b.    Dead grass poking up out of the snow
c.     Glistening snow
d.    Snow drifts
e.     Hilly
f.      Clouds
g.    Spacious landscape
6.     Hear
a.     Trav’s pink Duramax roaring by
b.    Nate Ross splashing in his pool
c.     Birds chirping
7.     Smell

a.     Pine trees
8.     Taste
a.     Bitter cold air
9.     Feel
a.     Bumpy sidewalk
b.    Leaves crunching beneath your feet
c.     Wetness of snow
10.   Now consider your own neighborhood.  Turn to page 16 in your book, and complete the Visualizing worksheet.
a.     Writer = You!  J
b.    Topic = Around the Block POEM

11.  Trade with the partner I give you.
12. Partner, sign the bottom of page 16.
13. Write three questions beneath your name that you want answered about this walk around the block.
14. STAR his/her best DETAIL!
15. Hand this sheet to me on the way out the door!


Welcome to TURBO-ACW!  J
Friday, February 7th, 2014

1.     Drop your Cinquain and your One Poem Three Ways in the folder, if you didn’t do so after your peer conferences yesterday.  Thanks!

Class Poem Lines Robot Typing  (Fifteen Minutes)
1.      Get a Class Poem Packet.
2.     Create a new google doc.
3.     Type in the lines YOU wrote for each Class Poem.
4.     Don’t do any revision whatsoever!  That’s for a later date!  Yay!  J
5.     Name it, “Your Last Name—My Class Poem Lines”, and make sure it’s in the class folder called “Class Poem Robot Line Typing.”

1.      Read and annotate page 42, William Zinsser’s short piece on writing memoir.
2.     Read the requirements for the Childhood Memoir on page 43. 
3.     Start typing!
4.     Create a 400-word (minimum) rough draft for class Monday.


Tweet Week Classwork/Homework
1.      Tweet @ Willis.
2.     #savethewords
3.     #kexy (brittle; withered)
4.     Tweet twice between 1PM today and 11:20 Monday
5.     NOTE:  Pics work REALLY well for learning vocab, so use those to give your tweet an extra punch.

1.      Do a search for the words:
a.     #crassulent
b.    #foppotee
c.     #isangelous
d.    #kexy
e.     Or do a search for #savethewords.
2.     Favorite AND retweet everyone!

Note:  On Monday, you will do a self-evaluation of your pinterest and twitter performance thus far.
Also, we will vote to continue tweeting with five new words next week.

Memoir—go back to the memoir writing your were doing—Childhood Memoir from page 43—and continue typing until I stop you.

1:00--Brain Pain:  TWO Difficult Sentences to Write
Write TWO sentences describing a recent visit you paid to the planet Jupiter. 
1.      In the first sentence, make every word come later in the alphabetical order than the one before it (A-Z).
a.     A big comet dragged effortlessly
b.     Aliens brought fish into Jupiter’s orbit.  HORRIBLE
c.     Aliens capture dozens of zebras.  AGAIN, HORRIBLE!
d.     Aliens captured dozens in peril.
e.     Aliens brought Caleb his moon shoes that were yellow zebra-skin.
f.      Bizzle-fractnoid dragged egg-shaped freight-cars, happily ignoring meteors, skipping towards Zenon!  J
2.     In the second sentence, make every word come earlier in alphabetical order than the one before it (Z-A).
3.     Zack yelled, “Wall-e, stop ruining Jupiter’s hurricane; it’s getting annoying.”
3.     Minimum of ten words per sentence!
4.     Save them in the folder for our class on google docs as “your last name, difficult sentence”.

Homework for Monday

1.      Two Difficult Sentences (about your trip to Jupiter), saved in our class folder on google docs! 
2.     Completed rough draft (400 words, minimum, on Chidhood Memoir)

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