Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday, February 4th, 2014 (Late Start)

We had no school yesterday, Wednesday (2/3/14), due to snow.

Welcome to Creative Writing!  J
Thursday, February 6th, 2014--Late Start
2nd = 1:05-2:10
4th = 2:15-3:20

When You Come In
1.           Sign in.
2.          Free Rice (5,000 grains) was due today.
3.         Free Rice (10,000 grains) is due Thursday, February 13th.

·      Get out page 19!
·      Get out your dictionary!

Writing Lesson Focus:  Diction
1.      Save the Words!  What’s your take-away from that?
2.     What are we doing now?  Death of Language!
3.     Get out your lists from Tuesday (notebook paper with words from the dictionary on them).
4.     Turn to page 19.
5.  Look through the dictionary, and write down possible KEEPERS for your own list of twenty.  Started @ 2:20; ending at 2:30!

Understand the Model—Begin with the End in Mind
1.      Read page 19—seven models.
2.     Put a star by the TWO you feel are “A+” answers.

Sharing Out (4th Block)
Each of you come type your FAVORITE word so far here:
·      Higgledy-piggledy
·      Cachou—It’s more interesting to say than “breath mint,” and it’s shorter!  It sounds French and fancy. 
·      Dendroid
·      Ringlet
·      Silly
·      Life
·      Reduplication
·      Faith
·      Football
·      Moxie
·      Horticulture
·      Skyey
·      Dacquoise
·      Hiccup

Assignment:  Death of Language (page 19)
1.      Explanation of assignment
2.     Why you’re using dictionaries for this assignment
3. Workshop time = Fifteen full minutes right now to browse the dictionary (2nd block already had this; 4th block needs time today)
4.  Discussion of “A” models

Classwork, Then Homework
Death of Language—half-way done by tomorrow (ten words with full reasons that look at least as detailed and thoughtful as the answers on page 19)
1.      Due tomorrow, when you come to class.
2.     Progress Check:  Death of Language Word List (page 20)
3.     You will trade your ten words and reasons with two other people.
4.     Those people will evaluate your work and fill out page 20 in the book.
5.     The grading criteria for this assignment is on page 21.


Welcome to TURBO-ACW!  J
Thursday, February 6th, 2014

NOW!  Printing:  Send the following items to the printer now (…but don’t get them.)
1.      One Poem, Three Ways
2.     Apparent Contradictions Assignment #1
3.     What I Did on a Rainy Day Poem
4.     Cinquain--one you will allow someone else to read  (It’s okay if both are on there, as long as you don’t mind your peer conferencer reading both.)

1.      Drop them in the correct folder.
2.     Check your name off the list in each folder, once you put your paper inside.
3.     Go to the blog, and work your way down the list, in order, please. 
4.     You have until 11:58 for blog work.  We’ll peer conference after lunch.

Banished Words (p. 31)
1.      Review your PERSONAL list of words you want banished.
2.     Now submit your STRONGEST INDIVIDUAL NOMINATION to the website at the link:
3.     Screenshot the application BEFORE you submit it.
4.     E-mail me the screen shot as an attachment (daily points).
5.     Submit your nomination!  J

Thank-You E-mail Business
1.      Did you read the thank-you e-mails your peer conferences sent you?  Do that now, please!  The thank-you e-mails were very nicely done, and you should read them.
2.     Some people did not “cc” me on thank-you notes, so even though I THINK these people peer conferenced, I need you to “CC” me on the thank-you letter now!
3.     If you conferenced FOR these people, “CC” me on that thank-you note you wrote them now!
a.     Michelle
b.    Kristen
c.     Alexandra
d.    Caitlin

Apparent Contradictions Assignment #3 (page 33)
1.      Read the directions on that page, and complete Assignment #3—BUT ONLY DO FIVE—NOT TEN!
2.     Save it in your own google docs.
3.     What are we going to talk about later?
·      Oxymorons
·      Figurative language versus literal language

1.      Do a search for the words:
a.     #crassulent
b.    #foppotee
c.     #isangelous
d.    Or do a search for #savethewords.
2.     Favorite AND retweet everyone!

1)  Make sure you have a poem in the CINQUAIN folder and in the ONE POEM THREE WAYS folder.  If you don’t have that piece completed and in the folder, come tell me that now, please.
2) Continue working on the blog items for five more minutes, while I’m assigning partners, please.  Thanks!

Peer Conferencing
1.      Review your list of poetry elements on google drive.  This is the vocab we use for talking about each other’s poems.
2.     Write your peer conferencer’s name at the top of each poem, so you know who they’re going to, and so you don’t have to wait on me to tell you to move on.
a.     Cinquain
b.    One Poem, Three Ways
3.     Complete two thoughtful peer conferences.
4.     Return the poems to the writers.
5.     Read over the comments you got, then put them BACK in the correct folders for me to give you points for.
6.     Continue on blog items, as time allows.

1:00  Class Ends
·     Homework#1:  Finish your peer conference(s), if needed.
·     Homework #2:
Tweet Week Classwork/Homework

1.      Tweet @ Willis.
2.     #savethewords
3.     #isangelous
4.     Tweet twice between 1PM today and 11:20 tomorrow.

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