Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Welcome to TURBO-ACW!  J
Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

When You Come In
1.               Please sign in.
2.              Please grab a pink Weekly Conference Sheet, which I will explain.

Class Discussion:  Big Word for the Week = DICTION!
1.      What does it mean?  What is it?
2.     Why does one word matter?
3.     How can it affect your writing?

Playing with Words!
1.      Go the the website below, and browse the list of words that this organization is trying to save.
2.     After you browse for fifteen minutes, find FIVE  you want to save.
3.     Go to our class folder, and find the spreadsheet called “Saved Words”.  Type the word, the part of speech, and the definition, then a sentence about why you want to save it.  I’ve put a few models there for you.  You’re welcome!  J
6.     We will discuss your “saved words” tomorrow! 

Take the whole fifteen minutes to explore and enjoy!  Don’t rush!  There is no “finishing early!”

Independent Online Investigation and Reading:  Banished Words List
I’ll explain the assignment on page 31 and show you where everything is.
You browse the word lists from the past few years for fifteen minutes.
4.     As you go, jot down any words that you agree REALLY needed to be banned.
5.     You create a list of ten words you want banned, along with a sentence or two about why.  Use Tyler’s model on page 31 as your guide.
6.     Save your list in the google docs folder for class.

Next Steps
1.      You’ll share your individual lists in trios, and you’ll create a “top ten” to share out with the class.
2.     You’ll submit a word as an individual to the Lake Superior State University Banished Word List for 2015 (online).

Brain Pain

Scrabble Names

Point System
1 point:         a, e, i, l, n, o, r, s, t, u
2 points:       d, g
3 points:       b, c, f, m, p
4 points:      h, v, w, y
5 points:       k
8 points:      j, x
10 points:     q, z

1.     Exquisitely (30)
2.    Paleontologist (17)
3.    Tyrannosaurus (16)
4.   quizzical (38)
5.    quilts (15)

Your Brain Pain Chores
1.     Calculate how many points you would get for spelling your name.
2.    Think of as many words as you can that have the same point value as your first name.
3.    Think of as many… for your first and last names combined.

Brain Pain:  Got a Bee in your Bonnet?

Welcome to Creative Writing!  J
Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Free Write #2
1.      Write for the full ten minutes, without stopping.
2.     Talk about any topic of your choosing.  Get our your WRITING RESISTANCE TOPICS NOW, PLEASE.
3.     Who will read this Free Write #2?
4.     How will I grade this?
5.     Start Time =         
6.    End Time =           
7.     To Turn It In
 “Free Write #2
Date = 1/29/14
Your Name
8.    Pass them over to

Writing Lesson Review:  Choosing Precise Adjectives
1.      What lesson did we learn yesterday?
2.     How is the worksheet we’re about to do and discuss relate to that?  How’s it going to HELP US BE PRECISE?

Writing Lesson:  Use strong diction--Vocabulary Variety (pages 11-12)
1.      Use it anytime you have a writing assignment.
2.     How did we use this sheet yesterday?

3.     Vocabulary Variety Worksheet (page 13)
4.     Complete the worksheet.
5.     Work time = 20 minutes
6.     Turn in page 13 on the circle table.  Make sure your name is at the top!

When You Finish the Worksheet
1.      Complete your Earthbook Reading Assignment (yellow handout), if you have not already done so.
2.     Start growing your vocabulary at

Vocabulary-Building:  Free Rice
1.      You need a big vocabulary to write precisely.  This term, we’re going to work specifically on building your vocabulary.
2.     Go to my blog, and click on the “Creative Writing Free Rice” link on the right side of the blog for our class.
3.     Join my group! 
a.     If you’ve done free rice before and already have an account, just “JOIN GROUP,” and start playing
b.    If you have never played free rice before, create an account/sign up.  Do that now! 
c.     You will need a non-school e-mail address to register.
4.     Once you create your account and join my group, do you see our class group name above your bowl of rice?  That’s the only way to know for sure you’re in the group.
5.     You need to donate 5,000 grains by ___Wednesday, February 5th_____.
6.     Guess what free rice has to do with diction?!

When You Play, Every Time
1.      Go to “Change Level”, and change it to two levels below your best.
2.     Do NOT start over from “1” every time.  You will use hours out of your life! 

Last Ten Minutes of the Block
Note:  Meaningful and timely feedback on your work is important!
1.      Get back cliché story slips!
a.     Combine with your partner, in case any got split up.
b.    Read through your comments.
c.     Staple the whole pile together.

2.     Get back a few more papers.
3.     Get organized—put them where they belong.

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