Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday, January 9th, 2014


Homework Due/Class Discussion

Pair-Share Work (Twenty-five-ish minutes)
1.      Literary Era Connections                                               (2:12-2:17)
a.     Review your notes on the five “I”s.
b.    Give examples from Frankenstein to support the statement, “This is a Romantic novel.”
2.     Literary Reminder:  Professor Foster                          (2:17-2:22)
a.     “It’s More Than Just Rain or Snow”
b.    “Geography Matters”
c.     “…So Does Season”
                                      i.     Where do you see these three elements affecting the story?  And how?
3.     Continue working on your motif page in the packet.  Add notebook paper as needed!                                                             (2:22-2:32)
4.     Get the study guide, and quiz each other.  Look up answers neither of you knows “off the top of your head.”                                  (2:32-2:42)

a.     Were the people in the cottage actually married?
b.    How is it that the creature wasn’t noticed before he made his appearance to the cottagers? Wasn’t he in close quarters with them? In a hay shed?
·      Rejection
·      Love
·      Friendship
·      Fear of the unknown
·      Season
·      Distress
·      Discovery
·      Search for knowledge
·      Regret/Guilt
·      Nature as a pacifier/tormentor

1.      Reading Quiz through page 104
2.     Read through page 128 in the novel.

3.     “…So Does Season”


When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Grab your folder off the circle table.
3.     Get out the following papers:
a.     Blue checklist for last next three days of class—check off anything you’ve completed.
b.    Porfolio Packet (pink).
c.     Green Vocab Variety sheet

Organization:  Folder and Portfolio-Readiness
2.     You need to REVISE three pieces by Monday.   You show me which three you’re revising by HIGHLIGHTING them on the spreadsheet.  Update that sheet as needed (if you change your choices, etc.).
3.     Megan is going to talk to you about your revisions today, when she calls you into the library.
a.     What did you revise yesterday?
b.    What are your proudest of in the work you did yesterday?
c.     What are you revising today?

10:00-10:30 Revision Work Period
1.           Read over the comments you received on your Prompt Word Poem.  I’ve only looked at four peer conferences so far, but they’re the best I’ve seen all term.  In other words, you guys received plentiful, helpful comments!  Use them to revise them piece, IF you’re putting it in your portfolio.
2.          If you’re not using it in your portfolio, you still need to read your partner’s comments.
3.         Revise Piece #2 now. 
4.         Complete any item on your BLUE CHECKLIST.

With Me, When I Call You Back
1.      Conference w/me at my desk about WE#9.
2.                                                           about your Prompt Word Poem.

10:30--Last New Writing Assignment:  Fifty-Word Stories!  Part II!
1.           Handout—please follow the directions.
2.          Let’s read the models.
3.         I’ll explain how to fill out the back side of this handout.
4.         You have the rest of class to create, type, print and hand in your three stories.


1.           Revision
2.          Portfolio
3.         Quizlet


January 9, 2014

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Get a few papers back.
3.     Get out your yellow “…Walter Mitty” packet.

·      What was the MOST valuable advice you heard (and hope to remember and implement) that will help you the rest of this year, or next year at college?

Story Discussion: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” by James Thurber
1.      Break it down:  what are the various fantasies Walter has?
a.     Navy commander
b.    Bomber pilot/captain
c.     Doctor
d.    Defendant and gun expert
e.     Cigarette-smoking dude, facing the firing squad
2.     Break it down:  reality versus fantasy.
3.     Rereading to answer a question; giving evidence to support your point:  read your written paragraph for your assigned question.  Give several highlights to support your response.

Please hand in your Mitty packet by my candle.

Shifting Gears
·     We’ve been in Mitty’s fantasy world, and now we’re going to Jack London’s realistic world—no fantasy of any kind here.

Intro Work:  Jack London's "To Build a Fire"
·      Journal = five minutes
·      Naturalism notes and first couple of paragraphs = five minutes

Reading Assignment

1.      I read aloud for about fifteen minutes.  People had ten minutes in class remaining to read silently.
2.     Read and annotate as needed to understand the short story.
3.     You will take a reading quiz tomorrow. 
4.     What you don’t read in class you will need to read for homework.  (Today is quiet day in seminar, so….)

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