Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Happy Friday!

Homework Due
·      “…So Does Season”—write your take-away on the front page, put your name on it, then lay it on my desk.
·      …reading the novel through page 128

Big Picture:  Archetypes   (Fifteen Minutes)
1.      Get with your group, get on your MacBook, and fill in as many blanks as you can. 
2.     Focus on CHARACTERS.
3.     With Frankenstein, you’re going to be able to fill in a bunch.  J
4.     Use your binders, and DIG DEEP for AP stuff we’ve read that would work.
5.     Think fairy tales!
6.     Think Bible!
7.     Disney Limit = ten entries  J
8.     End @ 2:20
9.     At 2:20, explore the other two docs.  Do you see any good ones you want to steal?
10.   Copy and paste, babies!  DO NOT CUT!
11.    You have until 2:30

Critical Approaches             (Fifteen Minutes)
2.     Look at Frankenstein through your assigned lens!
3.     Research your lens, if necessary, so you understand what you’re task!  J
4.     Use evidence from the text to support your reportage!
5.     Make notes on your reportage on the google doc we share.

Homework for Monday
1.      Read the novel through page 149.
2.     For Tuesday’s Class:         pages 149-166
3.     Quiz yourself with the study guide—reading quiz questions will come from there.
4.     Update your Vocab War sheets.  Final sheets are due MONDAY, 1/13.
5.     Study Frankenstein vocab on quizlet.  The vocab quiz will be MONDAY, 1/13.


Partner Work:  “To Build a Fire”
1.      Open the “TBAF” google doc, and make a COPY of it. 
2.     Re-title it so your last names appear  before “TBAF”.
3.     Share it with me and your partner.
4.     Answer your question with at least three details from the text (exact quotes) to support your point.
5.     Find one example from the text to support each characteristic of Naturalism.  If you don’t think one exists, use a detail that shows that characteristic does not fit this story.
6.     Time Limit = 15 Minutes
8.         Start 11:26-ish; Ending 11:41-ish

1.      Reread yesterday’s journal.
2.     In light of your reading of this story, write a response to what you said yesterday.
3.     Started 11:49
4.     Ending at 11:54 (Five minutes total writing time)

Discuss “TBAF” Responses
·     What did you have to do to answer the questions/fill in the blanks?
·     How are these things college-prep skills?

Reading Quiz and Independent Reading Time
1.      Turn in your green London packet, if your name is on the top.
2.     Get a blank sheet of notebook paper and a pen/pencil.
3.     Spread out in the room so no one is on either side of you.
4.     Take the “TBAF” quiz.  You will have to number your paper, then write in the correct answer, as I neglected to label the answers.  L  Or you can carefully highlight the correct answer on the quiz.
5.    Turn it in.
6.   Try a piece of the candy Celina brought back from vacation, if you’d like.
7.    Pick up a copy of the next story by Alice Walker.
8.   Start reading “Everyday Use”.
9.   Do all the marginalia requirements as directed.  We’re doing this in place of annotation.

1.      Read and do the marginalia assignments for Alice Walker’s story.

2.     Study quizlet for the fiction quiz Monday.


When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Grab your folder off the circle table.
3.     Get out the following papers:
a.     Blue checklist for last next three days of class—check off anything you’ve completed.
b.    Porfolio Packet (pink).
c.     Green Vocab Variety sheet

Turn-In:  Fifty-Word Stories
1.      Fill out the orange “Fifty-Word Story Assignment” sheet as I directed you yesterday.
2.     If you need help, see Sarah, Mackenzie, or Gerrit.
3.     Staple the orange sheet on top of your printed stories, then lay them on the pile already started on my table.
4.     Thanks!

Organization:  Folder and Portfolio-Readiness
2.     You need to REVISE three pieces by Monday.   You show me which three you’re revising by HIGHLIGHTING them on the spreadsheet.  Update that sheet as needed (if you change your choices, etc.).
3.     Megan is going to talk to you about your revisions today, when she calls you into the library.
a.     What did you revise yesterday?
b.    What are your proudest of in the work you did yesterday?
c.     What are you revising today?
4.     Take a moment to CHECK OFF on your blue checklist any task you’ve completed.
5.     REMINDER:  Take home your PINK PORTFOLIO PACKET!  Without it, how will you begin with the end in mind?!
6.     Portfolios are due TUESDAY when class starts.

Vocab Reminder:

People who need to check their WE#9 on google drive: (ready for Revision #3)
1.      Yara
2.     Altyn
3.     Ivy
4.     Sarah
·      They are read and heavily edited, with lots of revision comments.

·     Did any of the following people want me to revise/edit (only if this is one of your revisions)? 
·     If so, you need to share the doc with me now:
1.      Trevje
2.     Teddy
3.     Grant
4.     Ruth
5.     Keenan

10:00-10:40 Revision Work Period
1.           Revise Piece #3 now. 
2.          Complete any item on your BLUE CHECKLIST.

With Me, When I Call You Back
1.      Conference w/me at my desk about your Prompt Word Poem.
2.                              “ about your Free Rice and Quizlet.

@ 10:45 = Sharing—Autobio Poems

1.           Revisions (three)
2.          Portfolio
3.         Quizlet



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