Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monday, January 13th, 2014


When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Grab your folder off the circle table.
3.     Get out the following papers:
a.     Blue checklist for last next three days of class—check off anything you’ve completed.
b.    Porfolio Packet (pink).

Organization:  Folder and Portfolio-Readiness
2.     You show me which three you’re revising by HIGHLIGHTING them on the spreadsheet. 
3.     Right now I’m going to show you how to save in MULTIPLE FOLDERS, and we’re going to put our revisions in the correct folder.
4.     Take a moment to CHECK OFF on your blue checklist any task you’ve completed.
5.     Portfolios are due TUESDAY when class starts.

Megan, please check to see each person has ONE ITEM in each of the REVISION folders.  Thanks!

1.      They are due tomorrow when class starts.
2.     You need to have a typed reflection to hand in with it, but it does NOT need to be a part of your portfolio.  Reflection requirements are in the pink packet.
3.     You will fill out this self-evaluation sheet tomorrow in class, before we start looking at portfolios.  I’m just giving it to you now so you can do a final check of your portfolio.

  • People had about forty minutes of work time.
  • We spent the last fifteen minutes of class sharing Autobio Poems aloud.


Friday, January 10th, 2014

Please put your name at the top of your “Everyday Use” packet, and lay it by my candle.  Thanks!

·     Study quizlet for five minutes before the quiz.

“Everyday Use” Journal Connection
Think about the objects in your home.

How to respond:
1.      Open our shared google doc, CPR comments.
2.     Please type your answer at the BOTTOM of our shared CPR document.
3.     Title your response as follows:  “Everyday Use” Response
4.     Type a four-paragraph response to the following:
Paragraph One:
·      Which objects have been passed down from other family members?
·      Why do they continue to have a place in your home?
Paragraph Two:
·      If you were to move away to live on your own, which objects in your home would you want to take with you?
·      Explain why for each object selected.
Paragraph Three:
·      Explain how your parent/guardian would feel about you taking each item.
Paragraph Four:

·      Discuss a connection (a comparison or a contrast) between what you wrote about, and the characters, events, and theme in “Everyday Use.”

Happy Monday!

Okay, coolios, something to share about your expertise:
·      Erica—laughing it up in your annotations when Professor Foster suggested you read Shakespeare before bed every night.
·      Sam—sassing, “…didn’t even have to read it because I knew it,” when Professor Fosters talks about Persephone, Demeter and Hades.
·      Amber—her answer to the question “How long have patterns been with us?”  She wrote, “FOREVER.”

·      Fill out the Vocab War Final Evaluation.
o  Make sure all pages are facing the same way.
o  Staple your packet neatly, and leave it by my candle.
o  Quizlet or read the novel until I start the quiz.
·      2:15--Take the Frankenstein vocab quiz.

1.      When you finish the quiz, please turn it in by my candle.
2.     Read, read, read until I stop you.
3.     At that time, you will get with a partner, and you will go cray-cray on some motifs!  J

Motif Work w/partner
1.      Open up the file, “Frankenstein Motifs.”
2.     Make a copy of it.
3.     Change the name to your two last names.
4.     Drag it in the “Frankenstein Motif Work” folder.
5.    Go on a scavenger hunt.  Using your books, find as many examples/occurrences to support the motifs listed.
6.     Started 2:50; worked until 3:10; spent last ten minutes of class discussing tomorrow and passing back papers.

·      Finish the novel!  (reading quiz tomorrow)

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