Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 (Early Dismissal)

Welcome to CPR!         Wednesday, December 12th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.

The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros
1.      Pick up an orange packet off the circle table.
2.     Pick up the first third of the novella as well.

The vocab quiz will be FRIDAY.

Journal (ten minutes)                         (DAILY GRADE)
1.      USE THE WHOLE TIME!  You’re almost a college freshman—you should be able to write on demand, then then expand! 
2.     Label:  Quick-Write Topic #1—Self-Definition and Identity--from your orange Mango packet, page 16.
3.         Start @ ; end @
4.     When I call time, pair-share with the partner I give you.
5.     Write three sentences at the end of your partner’s journal that show a connection you made, or a comment you have.
6.     Trade papers back, and read each other’s comments.  J
Drop this off at my candle now for a daily grade, please.

Partner Journal Response
1.      Write your partner three sentences of specific comments, and aim for academic language in your writing. 
a.     At least three detailed sentences
                                      i.     Agree.
                                    ii.     Tell him/her if the journal made you think of a new idea/or something you hadn’t considered.
                                   iii.     Add on to an idea he/she says.
                                   iv.     Compliment their vocabulary—diction!
                                    v.     Disagree, respectfully.  J
                                   vi.     Relate to something
b.    Signed by you

Quiet, Independent Work Time
1.      The rest of the block is dedicated work time for you.  Work your way down the list of items below—all the information you need should be there.
2.     If you have a question over any of the work, please come back to my table, and we will talk quietly, so we don’t disrupt the class by shouting across the room.
3.     Please bag your computers, as you will not need them until 1:00 for the vocab pre-quiz.

Reading Reminder—Annotation
1.      How Do We Annotate for this Novella?  Write these five things on the first page of your novella now.
a.     Mark metaphors and similes.
b.    Ask questions
c.     Comment.
d.    Make inferences.
e.     Motifs (an idea or object that appears repeatedly)
2.     Every time you sit down to read, remind yourself of what you’re looking for as you read.

Reading—Intro to the Novel
Ø  Daily Grade:  Read and annotate page 2.

Mango Reading Assignment #1 (due when class starts tomorrow)
1.      Start now.
2.     Annotate.
3.     Due Tomorrow for Daily/Homework Grades
a.     Yellow page 2 annotated (just to show you read it)
b.    All eight character boxes filled in on page 5 (yellow packet)
c.     Complete annotations over pages 3-33, using the five guidelines I gave you above.  See me if you want to look at a model for annotations on this novella.
4.     We will have a quiz TOMORROW over pages 3-33.  You prepare for this by (a) reading and annotating, and (b) quizzing yourself tonight with the study guide questions of the first thirty pages (page 3 in yellow packet)

Are you taking the ACT this Saturday?

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

BackBone Literarature:  Greek Mythology—
Questions, Resonances, Echoes
·      Why is it EVERYWHERE, still, after thousands of years?!
·      Motifs
·      Archetypes

I’m putting all our class review here:

Review from Yesterday—what do we remember?
1.      Athena (Barbie)
a.     Goddess of wisdom
b.    Goddess of strategic warfare
c.     In conflict with Ares
d.    In conflict with Poseidon
e.     Turned Medusa into gorgon (ugly)
f.      Gave humans saddle so they could ride horses
2.     Uranus
a.     Father sky
b.    Castrated/emasculated by Cronus with a sickle
c.     Father of Titans
d.    Husband to Gaea
3.     Rhea
a.     Wife to Cronus
b.    Gave Cronus a rock-baby to save Zeus (youngest)
c.     Mother to first six Olympians
4.     Prometheus
a.     Stole fire from Mt. O. to give to humans
b.    Punished by Zeus by having liver pecked out every day
c.     Saved by Heracles—yay!
d.    Created humans (man) from clay
e.     Titan
f.      Tricked Zeus into choosing “bad” sacrifice, and gave “good” one to humans
g.    Name means “forethought”
h.    Brother to Atlas
5.     Poseidon
a.     God of sea
b.    Vengeful and short-tempered
c.     Symbol = trident
d.    Raped or just had sex with Medusa in Athena’s temple—nasty!
e.     He’s in conflict with Athena.
f.      Responsible for earthquakes and water, or lack of water
g.    Invented the horse
6.     Hera
a.     Wife of Zeus
b.    Jealous
c.     Goddess of childbirth and marriage, ironically
d.    Hated lots of people:  Hercules, Aphrodite, affair-women like Leto
e.     Symbol is her peacock
7.     Demeter
a.     Goddess of harvest and grain
b.    Responsible for seasons
c.     Mother to Persephone
d.    Hates Hades
8.     Hephaestus
a.     Ugliest of the Olympians
b.    Married to Aphrodite
c.     God of iron work and blacksmiths, etc.
d.    Made Pandora, first woman
e.     Fell for a week when Hera through him off Mt. O.
f.      Foot is all funky

1.      Take both quizzes on quizlet, then send me a screen shot of your scores.
·      Due date and time = 12:30, so I have time to review them before class.
2.     Prepare your final (round 4) myth figure presentation (Barbie, google pres, prezi—whatever you desire).
·      Due date and time = classtime FRIDAY

Presentations Today
9.     Hermes
10.   Aesclepius (Lynnette on Friday)
11.    Pan
12.   The Furies

Presentation Order for Round #3J
1.      Zeus—presented 12/11
2.     Eros—presented 12/11
3.     Helios
4.     Hebes
5.     Iris
6.     The Graces
7.     The Muses
8.     Pegasus
9.     Satyrs
10.   Cyclopes
11.    Python

Presentation Order for Round #4
1.      Amazons
2.     Centaurs
3.     Hecatoncheires
4.     Sirens
5.     Harpies
6.     Hydra
7.     Chimera
8.     Sphynx
9.     Cerebus
10.   Medusa
11.    Minotaur

o   Sirens and Pegasus- Gracey Murphy
o   Minotaur and The Graces– Jiovanni
o   Medusa and Zeus– Amber Linnenkamp
o   The Amazons and Muses– Bailey
o   Helios and Hecatoncheires – Kristine
o   Cerberus & Eros- Sam Mullens
o   Satyrs and the Chimera – MK
o   Harpies & Python – Caitlin
o   Hydra and Cyclopes – Connor Ruffenach
o   Hebes and Sphynx--ERIKA???
o   Iris and Centaurs--LYNNETTE???  (Presenting Friday)

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