Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Creative Writing--How to Write Your Letter!

Santa’s Helper Letter Reminders!

Make sure you
1.      Include a reference to some of the personal information the first-grader gave you, so he/she knows you read the letter.
2.     Mention at least one of the gifts, but don’t promise Santa will deliver it.
3.     Let your person know you will share the letter with Santa, talk with him about it, etc.
4.     Go into a lot of detail—SHOW—your job and your surroundings.  Give them some background about you!
5.     Sign as “Love” or some other affectionate word, “(elfish name)”.

Standard Answers to Kids’ Questions
1.      How do reindeer fly?
a.     They fly on the kids’s Christmas spirit.
2.     What does Mrs. Claus do?
a.     She helps Santa and all the elves with their job.  She also makes sure everyone’s behaving.  She makes cookies for everyone.
3.     How do the elves make toys?
a.     We have lots of elves working all year long to make enough toys for all the boys and girls.
4.     What do reindeer eat?
a.     Reindeer feed—oats that Mrs. Claus makes specially for them
b.     Marshmallows
c.     Carrots
5.     What’s the North Pole like?  Use details from the five sense here.
a.     Candy cane forest
b.     Lights decorating the trees
c.     Reindeer flying on their training runs
d.     Narwals out at sea
e.     White snow everywhere
f.      Snowmen tell stories
g.     Elves sing Christmas carols all year long
h.     Colorful Northern Lights
i.       Big Christmas tree in the middle of town; we sing there every night
j.       Giant reindeer barn
k.     Big gingerbread house
Here are some topics for letters, if you’re stumped:
1.      Describe reindeer in detail.
o   Use original reindeer names.
o   They can wear an accessory.
o   Collars could be different colors, with a bell and their name.
o   Bells on their harness!
2.     Describe the workshop and the activity happening before Christmas.
3.     Refer to different areas of the world that Santa visits.
o   Washington County is Santa’s favorite place to visit!  J
4.     Describe the North Pole; be consistent with each other.
5.     Describe your outfit.
6.     Make references to Santa, such as how he enjoyed the letter.

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