Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

BackBone Literarature:  Greek Mythology—
Questions, Resonances, Echoes
·      Why is it EVERYWHERE, still, after thousands of years?!
·      Motifs
·      Archetypes

Note:  I’m putting all our class review here:

Review from Yesterday—what do we remember?
1.           Hermes
a.         Messenger god
b.        Winged sandals
c.          Fastest god
d.        Winged helmet
e.         Roman name is Mercury (quicksilver in elements)
2.          Pan
a.         Besties with Dionysus
b.        Frisky
c.          Don’t mix with Olympians much—go their own way
d.        Half-goat, half-man
e.         Invented the reed-flute when pursuing Syrinx, who turned herself to reeds to escape
3.         The Furies
a.         Destructive forces
b.        Sisters
c.          Police of the god-world
d.        Blood-dripping eyes
e.         Snake hair
f.           Wings
g.         Lived in hades
h.         Punishers (maintain equilibrium)
4.         Zeus
a.         King of gods
b.        God of sky
c.          Many lovers
d.        Many children
e.         Took thrown from father, Cronus—gave him throw-up potion, so he threw up all siblings
f.           Olympian god
g.         Punishes people who anger him
h.         Married to Hera
5.         Eros
a.         Cupid is Roman name.
b.        Shot arrows at people to make them fall in love
c.          Responsible for Apollo chasing after Daphne/laurel tree
d.        Maybe son of Aphrodite and Ares
e.         Maybe created from Chaos
f.           Maybe created by Iris and Zephyr
g.         Golden wings

Presentation Order for Round #3J
1.      Helios             (Kristine)                    DONE
2.     Hebes             (Erica)                         DONE
3.     Iris                  
4.     Aesclepius (Lynnette on Friday)
5.     The Graces     (Jio)                            DONE
6.     The Muses      (Bailey)                       DONE
7.     Pegasus
8.     Satyrs             (MK)                            DONE
9.     Cyclopes         (Connor)                    DONE
10.   Python           (CY)                             DONE

Presentation Order for Round #4

1.      Amazons        (Bailey)
2.     Centaurs        
3.     Hecatoncheires
4.     Sirens
5.     Harpies
6.     Hydra
7.     Chimera
8.     Sphynx
9.     Cerebus
10.   Medusa
11.    Minotaur

Welcome to CPR!        
Thursday, December 12th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.
2.     Do everything under “Homework Due”.

Homework Due
1.  Put your name in big letters on the tops of the following ORANGE pages, then put them in the correct folders on the heater, please.  I’ll have them back to you in a jiffy!
a.     Page 2
b.     Page 5
2.    Regarding your annotations over all assigned pages:  I will take up your ENTIRE novella on Tuesday to assess your annotations.  This will be a major homework grade.

·      The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros

Journal (ten minutes)            11:26-11:36             (DAILY GRADE)
1.      USE THE WHOLE TIME!  You’re almost a college freshman—you should be able to write on demand, then  expand! 
2.     Review yesterday’s journal over self-definition and identity.

 Label:  Quick-Write Topic #2—Esperanza
4.     Write for ten minutes about who Esperanza is.  (Use your book as needed, and answer as many of the following questions as you can.)
a.     How did she get her name?
b.    What does her name mean?
c.     How does she feel about it?
d.    Who is she?
e.     Who does she want to be?
5.     If you finish early, and you’ve exhausted all possible topics for the above prompts, make a list of questions you have about the first third of the novella.  (ending @ 11:36-ish)
7.     When I call time, pair-share with the partner I give you.
8.     Write three sentences at the end of your partner’s journal that show a connection you made, or a comment you have.
9.     Trade papers back, and read each other’s comments.  

Partner Journal Response
1.      Write your partner three sentences of specific comments, and aim for academic language in your writing. 
a.     At least three detailed sentences
                                      i.     Agree.
                                    ii.     Tell him/her if the journal made you think of a new idea/or something you hadn’t considered.
                                   iii.     Add on to an idea he/she says.
                                   iv.     Compliment their vocabulary—diction!
                                    v.     Disagree, respectfully.  
                                   vi.     Relate to something
b.    Signed by you
c.     Trade back with your partner, and read your comments.
d.    Please put this by my candle for turn-in.

Re-reading Quietly On Your Own (ten-ish minutes)
1.      Review your annotations from last night, pages 3-33.
2.     Start filling out page 8 (MOTIFS) and page 11 (STYLE ELEMENTS) in your packet.
Started at 11:47; ending at 11:57

Ø  I handed back QW#2 and let people know what a good job they are doing in responding to each other in an academic, thoughtful way.
Ø  I gave the pre-quiz for the quizlet vocab, so people can see how they’re doing on that.

Class Discussion and Trios                  (15 minutes)
1.      Compare your notes from page 8—borrow from each other, until everyone in the trio has all the blanks on page 8 filled in.
2.     Do the same for page 11.
3.     Let me hear your best academic discussion.
Start @  12:37; ending @ 12:52

Quiz then Quiet, Independent Work Time
1.      The rest of the block is work time for you.  
2.     If you have a question over any of the work, please come back to my table.

Reading Reminder—Annotation
1.      How Do We Annotate?  
a.     Mark metaphors and similes with a symbol.
b.    Ask questions
c.     Comment.
d.    Make inferences.
e.     Motifs (an idea or object that appears repeatedly)

Start Homework
1.      DUE TOMORROW:  Quizlet vocab—“for real” quiz
2.   DUE MONDAY: Read and annotate Mango, pages 31-64—quiz Monday. 
3.     DUE MONDAY:  Character chart—page 6


Fill out this form for your Santa's Helper Letter:

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.

1.      Open your Santa’s Helper letter in google.
2.     You should have a rough draft and one peer conference completed.  Do not work on it now while I’m talking.  I will see that when I look at the revision history—you know that, right?  L
3.     Go to “SHARE”, and check your sharing settings with me now.
a.     Megan Buitendorp
b.    Kerrie
c.     CAN EDIT!
4.    Copy the link for your doc.
5.     Go to the form on the block, and paste it in the correct space.
6.    NOTE:  We will have a second peer conference later in the block!


Writing Lesson REVIEW:  Making Strong Titles (purple pages 14-15)
1.      Why does a strong title matter?
2.     You know you have a page for help, right?

New Writing Lesson:  Line Breaks (Endline and Enjambment)  (purple pages 18-19)
1.      Read and discuss page 19 with me now.  Stay strong!
2.     With the partner I’m going to give you, read and break the poems on page 18.
3.     Write two reasons next to the poems that say WHY your broke the lines where you did.  (ten-ish minutes)  started @ 10:19; ending @ 10:27
4.     When we come back together, let’s talk as a class:
a.     Why did you break the lines where you did?
b.    Why did the writers break the lines where they did?  (originals)
c.     What’s the difference between an end-stopped line, and enjambment?  
d.    What techniques have you been using in the poems you’ve written?

Writing Lesson Review Reminders
1.      Avoid clichés.
2.     Diction = Word Choice—ONE WORD CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
3.     Use precise, exact, specific words (not generic terms, or relative terms).
4.     Use your Vocabulary Variety sheet!  .  One word can put an image in your reader’s mind.

Writing Assignment:  Autobiographical Poem (handout)
1.      Models:  Kyle Smothers and Martha Hernandez
3.     At the end of work time, send your poem to the printer—no exceptions.
Start time = 10:47; ending at 11:07 (twenty minutes)

Santa’s Helper Letter

·      Second Peer Conference



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